How to Choose Perfect Human Hair Wigs

DressilyMe Human Hair Wigs

Due to the high quality and fashion versatility, human hair wigs have become the popular trend to hit the streets and runways. However, choosing a perfect human hair wig could be a difficult task. That's why we are here to help you tackle this trend. Whether you choose a curly, short, or a pretty celebrity style, there are plenty of options to add something fresh to your look. Simply scroll on down to check some tips!


Tips on How to Choose Human Hair Wigs

  • Choose the wig that can frame your face, which means you have to think about whether the style will work on your face shape.

  • Consider the length of the wig you are going to wear. Generally speaking, the longer the lace wig is, the higher cost it will be.

  • If you want to change a new hairstyle by the wig, just be careful and consider whether the style is suitable for you. It is true that lace wigs can be styled into various looks, they are different from our natural real hair and dealing with it sometimes will cause serious damage.

  • If you are fond of your present hair style, make sure the wig has sufficient space inwards and resembles it.

  • Select a wig based on your skin tone. Human hair wigs in vibrant tones (such as brown and red tones) will work well on light complexion. While the wigs in medium and light browns are the perfect for dark skin tones.


Here are some cute and high quality human hair wigs from

1. Long Curly Hand Tied Full Lace 100% Human Hair Fashion Wig


2. Medium Length Straight Hand Tied Full Lace 100% Human Hair Fashion Wig


3. Long Wavy Hand Tied Full Lace 100% Human Hair Perfect Wig


4. Medium Length Straight Hand Tied Full Lace 100% Human Hair Fashion Wig



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Would You Wear a Short Hair Wig

Short Hair Wigs

For those with an artistic flair, or for those of fashionistas who just don’t want to see your long hair style repeated everywhere you go, consider a unique short hair wig is a perfect way to go. Below, we have listed out some trendy short hair wigs for you to create a whole new look of your own. Read on!


Fashion Short Hair Wigs

Fashion Short Hair Wigs

Tpycially, these short hair wigs work best on women with a smaller overall frame. However, vval face shapes, round face shapes and square face shapes can all wear this hair style well. There is a look with both short and long lengths to this cute haircut. By offsetting the tendency of looking too round or too square, the balance shape works well with both round and square face shapes.


Celebrity Short Hair Wigs

Celebrity Short Hair Wigs

Also, celebrity style short hair wigs have been seen on the likes of Rihanna, Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson. Combined with appearance on the runways and in fashion spreads, the trend has gone from a special style to very normal-chic. And this type of short hair wig can makes a statement, will make you look POP!


Will You Be Wearing a Short Hair Wig?

Would you wear short hair wig? Do you think it can be pulled off in season? Which celebrity look do you like. Leave a comment and let us know.

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Fall 2012 Hairstyle Ideas: Curly Wigs

Curly Hairstyle

No matter it is long or short, tight or loose, the voluminous, layered hair made curls into mainstream style during NYFW. We can look forward to rocking different curls in this season. Want to grab the look immediately without doing hurt to your hair? Below, I have break down the most popular curly hairstyle wigs. Read on!


Layered Curly Wigs

Tyra Banks Layered Curly Wigs

Layered curly wigs have very long layered, beautiful haircut with stunning tones in wide option. The cut is slightly layered all around with sexy and tapered face framing layers. Celebrity such as Tyra Banks wears the long, flowing curls best as she adds highlights to bring out the dimensions of her curly hair even more. With long layered curls, you may tie your long curly locks in a ponytail which is another hot look on the 2012 runways.


Curly Bob Wigs

Rihanna curly Bob Wig

Pop fashionista Rihanna is always quick to latch on to the latest hair trends and not afraid to cut. This curly bob wig has an asymmetrical cut with soft swirls of curls. Not only it frames her face in a neat and chic look, but the cut gives off a fresh vibe.


Classic Medium Curly Wigs

Classic Medium Curly Wigs

This curly wig is a very classic, voluminous and medium length wavy hairstyle with center parts. The result is easy, carefree, and sensuous hair. It also has been blown out and set into big bold waves and is bound to provide you with the perfect look.


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Hottest Wigs to Try This Fall

Fall is in full swing. Although it is not the time to bring out the fur coats and cardigan, you may extrememly get a new style from your hair. Whether changing your color, style or length, in the below article, we have got you covered. Read on for the hottest wigs for fall!


Long Hair Wigs

Long Hair Wig

Long hair for the cooler days is super popular! Thanks to long hair wigs we don't have to wait to grow out our hair! Switch up your short wig for a longer one or add length to your hair with clip-in hair extensions. It is definitely easy and perfect to grab a new style.


Celebrity Style Wigs

Leighton Meester Style Wig

This style also hit red carpet. Everyone was wearing this wave, even to sophisticated evenings like red carpet events! As the love of waves, stylists got different length and styles in more creative way. Some, like Leighton Meester’s wear a natural wave with a center part. You may get this celebrity style wig which look like you spent hours with a curling iron.


Versatile Straight Hair Wigs

Straight Hair Wig

These straight hair wigs can give you all kinds of awesome looks. If you pull all your hair back into a ponytail, it will keep bangs out of your face for any sort of athletic activities.


Wigs in Red

Red Hair Wigs

If you are fair skinned go for a warm red tone, we recommend red hair wigs. Warmer hues for are always big for fall, but if you are a natural brunette, why not try something new and bring out your personality?


Will You Try a New Style Wig this Fall?

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Do you ever wear a wig? What’s your favorite hairstyle to wear? Tell us in the comments!

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Perfect Wig Styles for Your Face Shape

People wear wigs for different reasons. Some look for a wig to create drastic changes while the others wear to cover their imperfection of appearance. But let's be honest, not all the styles that will instantly rock for your face shape. Therefore, this post will help you find the most flattering wig style based on you face shape. Read on!


Oval Face

Wigs for Oval Face

Oval shaped faces can handle most hairstyles with ease. No matter for short bobs or waves, oval shaped faces looks good with virtually any type of wigs. However, be sure to avoid short layers which can make your face appear long while the voluminous hair will hide your proportioned features.


Square Face

Wigs for Square Face

If you have a square shaped face, try wigs of curls, layered and side swept that will soften the hard angles. While center parts can make your face appear more narrow, wigs with side swept bangs can focus the attention on your eyes. Instead, stay away from chin-length bobs and wigs with blunt bangs that will make your face look boxy.


Heart-shaped Face

Wigs for Heart-shaped Face

Heart-shaped face girls can also pull off a variety of wig styles, but also have to be wary of drawing extra attention to a more pointy chin. The perfect wigs for this shape are rounded bobs, wispy bangs and curly or wavy wigs that add fullness to the cheekbones. But try to avoid chin-length bobs and short curly wigs.


Round Face

Wigs for Round Face

The key for any girl with a round face is to create angles that balance out the width. Layered wigs help soften your wide cheeks while longer bangs may not only elongate your face, but also draw attention away from the sides of your face.


What Do You Think?

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What is your face shape? Which wig style will you be most likely to wear? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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