DressilyMe Real Customer Review: TamTam2012's Custom-made Wedding Dress

Maggie Sottero Style Wedding Dress

Many thanks to TamTam2012 for taking the time to write a post of her DressilyMe shopping experience with brides on ProjectWedding. Below let's take a look at what she said and how she looked!


Review and Photos of Her Wedding Dress by Dressilyme

Hello ladies,

I thought i would come back and write a review after my wedding RE my wedding dress i ordered from Dressilyme, i have always given them the benefit of the doubt as the reviews i have read prior to ordering have always been great, and they have always been prompt with replies.

I initially wanted the Maggie Sottero Fiorella, after ordering and sending my measurements, the dress makers advised that because of my body shape, big boobs, even bigger belly and smal hips that the fishtail dress wouldnt fit and would possibly alter the dress and what i loved about the dress might be different. At the time i was totally disappointed and really couldnt see past the dress. But i their appreciated honestly instead of making and sending me a badly fitting dress. After searching the MS website and the Sottero and Midgley i finally found and fell in love with Rebecca :)
TamTam2012s Wedding Dress-1

TamTam2012s Wedding Dress-2

TamTam2012s Wedding Dress-3
TamTam2012s Wedding Dress-4

So i changed my order, my dress is in their colour 60 which i worried about slightly as i wanted a true champagne colour, and obviously screens and material can look very different.

My dress and my daughter dress arrived, both of which i was amazed with when taken out of the packaging. The flower girls dress was an exact colour match to mine, was extremely well made to the exact measurements given, the dress itself was amazing quality with great workman ship, the detail was outstanding. The dress had an underskirt, along with a toule underlay, and a liner then the satin material itself. I was quite astounded by the quality well above my expectations.

My dress was just the same, perfect quality, as you will see quite a lot of detail with folds of material and lace appliques, lots of beading and quite a large train. Again there was quite a lot of layers, an underskirt, 3 layers of toule, then a liner and the satin itself on top. So in total 6 layers. The dress was a little heavy which reassured me because it was so well made. They added a bustle for me free of charge, sent the emails with these pictures before it left the factory and were very healpful with aftercare.


I asked the girl to mark it as a gift so that there would be no custom charges, and she did. I was not charged anything on top of the postage i paid. I think the overall process took around 5-6 weeks. I didnt rush my order, but i did take atleast a week choosing my replacement dress. All in all i would give them 150% as i was completely satisfied and they even surpassed my expactions by a mile.

I hope this review helps any future brides with their purchase. I have also added some pictures from my wedding day, i wore a hoop with one ring at the bottom and 3 layers of toule on to the top. xxx
TamTam2012s Wedding Dress-5
TamTam2012s Wedding Dress-6
TamTam2012s Wedding Dress-


What Do You Think?


What do you think of the custom-made wedding dress? If you're in the hope of wearing a replica wedding dress on your big day. Just send your detailed requirements for the dress together with pictures to customer-care@dressilyme.com and we'll be able to make your dream come true. And as always, leave a comment to let us know what you think!

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DressilyMe Real Customer Review: Aquaelle's Custom-made Wedding Dress

Many thanks to Aquaelle for taking the time to write threads of her DressilyMe shopping experience with brides on Weddingbee. We're so excited that she was satisfied with her custom-made wedding dress. Without further ado, below let's take a look at what she said and how she looked.


Aquaelle's Review for Her Custom-made Wedding Dress


This is a replica Anniston dress. I just posted a few days ago about how I'm wearing my big ol' fancy dress to my tiny littly intimate outdoor wedding and I'm totally excited about it.


Well, the dress came in today and I'm in love with it. They did a great job (I knew they would, this is my second purchase from them). There are a couple alterations I need done (hips are too big, but I ordered a standard size so this was to be expected). It also folds over a bit where the seam is at the top so that will need to be fixed somehow. I additionally asked for strong harder boning because the first dress wasn't sufficient. They really didn't do this, but it was easily fixed with proper undergarment (I have a Felina that made it look ok). Theres a funny folding/ bulge of the fabric between my boobs, I think this can be fixed. NBD. Overall, very happy with my dress I paid $170 for!!! Never could justify spending more (I don't care if other people do, it's cool. I just rather put my $$ into other things is all ;)
Aquaelles Custom-made Wedding Dress-1
Aquaelles Custom-made Wedding Dress-2
Aquaelles Custom-made Wedding Dress-3

Aquaelles Custom-made Wedding Dress-4


What Do You Think?


How do you think of the replica wedding dress? If you're in the hope of wearing a unique custom made wedding dress on your big day. Just send your detailed requirements for the dress together with pictures to customer-care@dressilyme.com and we'll be able to make your dream come true. Also, remember to leave a comment to let us know what you think!

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The Best Beach Wedding Dresses for Summer 2013

Beach Wedding

If you read DressilyMe blog often, you know we've written some post about beach wedding dresses in the past. As the summer upon us, I think brides are slowly falling for this trend too. I used to think this trend was more appropriate for the beach wedding than other themes. However, with a ton of gorgeous pieces appearing in the market, I had already changed my mind! Read on to see how these beautiful dresses look for summer.


Soft and Flowing Beach Wedding Dress

Beach Wedding Dress - WWD009D6

This breathtaking dress features a criss-cross bodice with just a little bit of sparkle. It then flows out into a truly princess-style dress that will make any woman feel gorgeous. It’s very simple yet unbelievably beautiful.


Textured Beach Wedding Dress

Beach Wedding Dress - WWD009HW

This beach wedding dress has a very elegant, form-fitting bodice and a textured mermaid skirt that is extremely interesting to the eye without being complicated. This would pair well with elaborate or heavy jewelry.


Calf-Length Beach Wedding Dress

Beach Wedding Dress - WWD00CDH

Perfect for an outdoor or beach wedding, this calf-length dress also has a ruched bodice as well as a lace embellishment and a simple applique skirt. It’s very simple and would be look outstanding on any woman.


A-Line Beach Wedding Dress

Beach Wedding Dress - WWD009CW

Fabulous for a summer beach wedding, this A-line, scoop neckline dress flows and elongates. It’s incredibly simple, with only a bejeweled decoration at the waist, but looks absolutely fantastic.


Soft Overlay Beach Wedding Dress

Beach Wedding Dress - WWD003QJ

This dress is ruched from the bodice and waist to the toe in soft, simple overlays and waves. The bodice is fully gathered and the side hip is adorned with handcrafted flowers, making the dress irresistibly simple but oh, so romantic!


Free Shipping Wedding Dresses at DressilyMe

DressilyMe Free Shipping Wedding Dresses

Free Shipping Wedding Dresses are now in full swing at DressilyMe. Just seize the time to grab this sale!


What Do You Think?

Do you like a beach wedding dress? Which style you would like to wear? What other pieces would you like to see next time? Leave a comment and let's discuss!

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DressilyMe Real Customer Review: LazyDayz's Tulle Wedding Dress

Many thanks to LazyDayz for taking the time to share her shopping experience with DressilyMe on Weddingbee! The tulle wedding dress she ordered is so fantastic that I can't help myself loving it. Intrigued? Just read on to check the bride's comment and pictures of her wearing effect.


LazyDayz's Review for Her Dress

This is my experience with DressilyMe.

I placed the order on April 9th and I received it May 7th.

I live in Canada and had to pay an extra $38.00 in Customs and Taxes to FedEx to get the dress delivered (But that was not DressilyMe's fault)

It was well packaged in a thick cardboard box and 2 bags.It did have a slight fishy smell and was a little wrinkled but I hung it up in our spare room and left the window open overnight and the smell was totally gone the next day.

The dress is double lined and the seams are all straight. The only negative about my dress was the belt. I thought it would be crystals but it is actually sequins. But it looks surprisingly good.

I really love the dress and I am extremely pleased with it. I would absolutely recommend ordering a dress from DressilyMe.

Here are the pics!! (Excuse my mess!! I was so excited to try it on I didn't clean up before taking the pics :)






The Tulle Wedding Dress

Tulle Wedding Dress - WWD00848

This tulle wedding dress (STYLE NO.WWD00848) is one of a hot sell on our site. features a sweetheart neckline and a tulle skirt. The asymmetrical ruched bust follows a sequin lace band on the waist.


What Do You Think?

Do you like a tulle wedding dress? How do you think of the bride's look? be sure let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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New in 2013 Summer Wedding Dresses

New in 2013 Summer Wedding Dresses

It's finally the spring time! Each year of this time, we may see the latest collections of wedding dresses at bridal market for the upcoming season. As always, they're able to bring us and brides some surprises. And the 2013 summer wedding dresses are definitely no exception. As a matter of fact, it’s not easy to pick out our favorites from so many truly beautiful gowns, but we’ve sorted out a handful, that truly make us swoon. Take a look and I hope you girls love them!


1. Lace Summer Wedding Dresses

Lace Summer Wedding Dress

I know that the love for lace wedding dresses is evident here at DressilyMe.com, so I make it the first of this post. From the order research at our system, the lace dresses are a winner. While the 2013 summer styles add more focal points. Not only are they elegant to fit the brides' aesthetics, but the lace is creative without being too snazzy, which makes them perfect for so many brides.


2. Short Summer Wedding Dresses

Short Summer Wedding Dress

Is there anything more appropriate than wearing a short bridal dress on a sunny summer wedding (especially on a beach theme wedding party)? You'll be sure to get tons of compliments when you wear these dresses for your wedding reception party.


3. Keyhole Back Wedding Dresses

Keyhole Back Bridal Dress with Sash

Keyhole Back Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses with a statement-making back have received a positive reputation in the last few years. Whether it's a keyhole, a V-shape or a back adorned by fascinating beads, these wedding dresses can effortlessly grab people's attention. We can help but have an obsession with a keyhole back wedding dress.


4. Dramatic Tulle Summer Wedding Dress

Tulle Mermaid Wedding Dress
This is perennial favorite for all dramatic tulle addicts and it's easy to see why, first, it's as close as you can get a fancy look, second, it's incredibly flattering and third, it's super fashion-forward. If you're looking for something a bit flirtier, you might like the above mermaid style. But if you want a tried-and-true favorite to fit your style, look no further than a ballgown silhouette.


What Do You Think?

How do you think of the 2013 summer wedding dresses? What are your favorite styles? Let us know in the comments!

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