Would You Wear a Synthetic Hair Wig?


Each time when I see Beyonce on the TV, I get envy of her glossy hair. I know dying hair is not a particularly novel concept, nor is dying it a celebrity style, particularly for the fashion savvy. However, wearing a wig has been popping up on the runways more and more these days, providing a new take on natural hair. This take is significantly softer, more convenient and hurtless than perming and dying hair. Intrigued? Read on for some affordable synthetic hair wigs and tips on how to care!


Bob Style Synthetic Hair Wigs

Bob Style Synthetic Hair Wigs

There are many affordable synthetic hair wigs in great styles. For example, the bob hairstyle wig is super versatile, trendy and works for a work hairstyle showing a very professional, polished look. Celebs like Anne Hathaway and Miley Cyrus were all perfect in showing off their bob hairstyle.


Curly Synthetic Hair Wigs

Curly Synthetic Hair Wigs

Range from short, medium and long, options for curls are limitless and all the results gorgeous. The curly synthetic hair wigs can be also a great idea for the prom hair style.


Long Synthetic Hair Wigs

Long Synthetic Hair Wigs

The long hairstyle seems timeless flattering, and is more popular this year than ever before. And it has inspired girls to get hair extensions. Check out and wear a long hair wig to create a new look!


How to Care a Synthetic Hair Wig

  • When you first purchase a synthetic wig, shake it out gently and "scrunch" your fingers through to mess it up a little bit.

  • Generally, wigs have tabs in the back which can be adjusted according to head size. Put the wig on your head and adjust the straps in back for a tight but not uncomfortable fit. If you're using a hairpiece or extension, use the clips provided and brush your own hair over the clipped area, fastening in place with a covered elastic band or scarf.

  • Wash the wig about carefully once a week if you are wearing it every day. Because synthetic hair wigs are made of fiber, wash them with Woolite instead of shampoo. Blot dry on a towel and us a wide-tooth comb to smooth out tangles.

  • Synthetic wigs will "snap" back into their style, but you can use a little gel or hairspray as a styling aid. Remember not to use a curling iron or expose your hairpiece to high temperatures as the fiber will frizz.


What Do You Think?

Which hairstyle is your favorite? Would you wear a synthetic hair wig? Let me know in the comment!

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