Homecoming Dress Colors: Fashion Inspired by the Five Olympic Rings


When it came to picking an inspiration source for the color trend of this year's homecoming dresses, the answer was really quite elementary. While everybody now is talking about the London 2012 Summer Olympics, it is great to use this fever for inspiration. Representing the union of the five regions of the world involved in the Olympics, the five Olympic rings (coloured blue, yellow, black, green, and red) is the perfect choice for a fashion interpreter. Intrigued? Read on to see our picks for colorful homecoming dresses - all inspired by the iconic Olympic rings.



Blue Homecoming Dresses

Blue is for Europe. This gorgeous shade can bring us the feeling of a tropical island. Just like pink, blue is another versatile color that will translate into many different looks. If you are a fan of Kate Middleton and want to change into bright hue, wear a blue homecoming dress in your event. Be sure to pair it with white to give off that ultimate springtime-y feel.



Black Homecoming Dresses

Black is for Africa. Not only this classic shade is always safe for any occasion, it is also a color that will give you some rocker-chick edge. To some extent, the little black dress is one item that most fashion experts agree is a great investment piece for your wardrobe. The perfect black homecoming dress is timeless, can be dressed up or down, and goes with just about anything.



Red Homecoming Dresses

Red is for America. As we may see from the various award ceremonies, red frocks are perfect are perfect for rocking the red carpet. Probably because of its dramatic but fun nature, the little red dresses have been popping up on the party scene a lot lately. With the right touches, they can also be perfect choice for homecoming parties.



Yellow Homecoming Dresses

Yellow is for Asia. There is no color out there more cheerier than yellow. This year, stores will be carrying a range of yellow-colored clothing and accessories, no exception for yellow homecoming dresses, in shades ranging from deep marigolds to soft, buttery hues. Since yellow is one of the trickier shades to wear, be sure to find your perfect shade by using our easy, how-to guide.



Green Homecoming Dresses

Green is for Australia. This shade is definitely a head-turner and can make a bright impact. If you want to change from all the soft hues and make a bold statement in your homecoming party, green homecoming dresses will also be a popular choice worth trying.


What Do You Think?

Do you watch the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games? Which color do you like best? Would you wear these colored dresses? Let me know in the comments!

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