Top 3 Fancy Wedding Accessories to Complete Your White Aisle Look

Wedding Accessories

We all know the importance of the wedding dress for bride to walk down the aisle, but the Art Deco- inspired accessories can often be the highlight of the look. Here at, we have picked our top three trendy, budget-friendly and completely versatile wedding must-haves to help you stay stylish throughout your big day. Whether you buy just one or all these items, you can rest easy knowing that you will look fantastic! Read on to see our top picks.


Wedding Fascinator

Wedding Fascinators

There is a reason wedding fascinators are number one on our list of essentials! Each time when I think of the British fashion culture and the royal wedding, no doubt visions of ladies in fabulous hats and fascinators come to my mind. They are so cute, traditional, make the bridal look celebratory and are easy to flatter any hairstyle. While there are tons of varieties and designs, retro styles like feathers and flowers headpieces have made a huge comeback this year.


Wedding Veil

Wedding Veils

Being another easy essential that you can find from bridal store, a wedding veil is a striking part of a bride's wedding outfit. It represents protection from bad spirits traditionally, while nowadays its primary purpose is to enhance the bride's appearance. When you choose the right veil, just consider your facial shape, your wedding dress and whether your hairstyle can be matching! High-neck wedding dresses and hairstyles are matched to shorter veils, whereas cathedral veils are best worn with dresses without a train.


Lace and Pearled Bridal Embellishments

Lace and Pearled Bridal Embellishments

Lace and pearls are everywhere right now! They always work well for an elegant look, and no exception to be a part of bridal embellishments. These fancy ornaments give off a joyous vibe when paired with wedding dress. Since they are quite trendy and attention-grabbing, remember to go equally bold with the rest of your look.


What Do You Think?

So... aside from the wedding dress, what are your must-have items to your bridal outfit? Do you have any other complement? Did we miss anything? Just leave a comment to let us know!

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