Zodiac Style: Bold and Luxurious Prom Dresses for Leo


Coming to the fifth article of Zodiac Style that explores the link between fashion and stars, we will be looking at the fire sign --- Leo! If you were born between July 23 and August 22, then you are a Leo! As the sign is known for being courageous and confident, girls under this sign are always huge fans of bold looks. For specifics on Leo's personal style, read on to check out below 3 luxurious prom dresses from DressilyMe.com!


Courageous Leo Look - Yellow Prom Dress

Courageous Leo Look - Yellow Prom Dress

Leos love to look eye-catching no matter where they go, and this yellow prom dress exemplifies that. Featuring an one shoulder neckline with a oversize beaded decoration on the strap, the dress is glamorous and effortless to make a bold statement. Basic high heels streamline the look and a clutch bag is roomy enough for your belongings. Glittering jewelry can easily grab attention, but not when paired with this sparkly frock, while bold cuff bracelet will add some edge to the outfit.


Polished Leo Look - Orange Prom Dress

Polished Leo Look - Orange Prom Dress

Just like Aries, Leos are good at taking bold fashion risks and using fashion to express themselves and communicate their mood. So for this outfit, we go for a orange prom dress that is sure to be a favorite of any Leo with its subtle crisscross back design. The chiffon fabric makes it a great option to wear for any occasion in summer days. Contrasting nail polish adds a bright pop of color to the outfit while some stylish earrings can make an elegant statement.


Luxurious Leo Look - Gold Evening Dress

Luxurious Leo Look - Gold Evening Dress

Bold patterns and sparkles are all on this sign’s must-have list. The gold evening dress in this outfit is perfect for this sign’s unique fashion sense – it is luxurious, sparkling and bold at the same time. Sky high sandals elongate the legs while structured clutch is fashion forward. Accessorize with some bangles or earrings to finish this look.


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Are you a Leo? What do you think is a right style for Leo? How do you think the above prom dresses we compiled for Leo? Be sure to let us your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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