Perfect Swimsuit Shopping Tips for Different Body Shapes

Bathing Suits

July is finally here, which means it is the peak of bathing suit season. If you are in need of a new bikini or just look for a trendy style, you probably should consider your body shape. Luckily, there are tons of styles to choose from, no matter you are curvy and full-figured or top-heavy, top-bottom or rectangular body shape, you are bound to find a piece that fits your figure. Here at, we compiled some tips that will help you find the most flattering swimsuit. Read on and check them out!


Halter or String Bikinis For Hourglass Figures

String Bikinis

If you are a hourglass figure, you may actually rock a great variety of bathing suit looks. But the bikini is probably the best to show off your sexy curves. Since girls with hourglass figures usually have equal size in measurement of bust and hips. This type of figure is also charactered by the small and very defined waist. Look for halter style or string bikinis and anything will give you extra coverage for your lager chest and hip.


One-piece Swimsuits and Monokinis for Rectangular Body Shape


If you are rectangular body type, just go for one-piece swimsuits which can help to create more of a waistline. Because girls with rectangular body types are featured by broad shoulders, proportional hips, and undefined waist. In addition, monokinis can perfectly add curves and draw attention to your bottom and bust.


Strapless Bikinis with Triangle Figure

Strapless Bikinis

Ladies with triangular body shapes usually have weight on the lower half of their body, generally around the hips and thighs. If you are of triangle type, strapless bikinis are made for you. Besides, as girls who have this body shape tend to carry a flat tummy, bikinis are great to show off the amazing abs.


Bikinis and Tankinis with Boy Shorts for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Tankinis with Boy Shorts

Just the opposite type of triangle, inverted triangle body shape is charactered by a large chest, wide shoulders, small hips, and are generally more top-heavy than bottom-heavy. If you are of this figure, go for something with halter shape and thick straps to keep you in place. Bikinis and tankinis with boy shorts can work for you best. Also, make sure your top has enough coverage.


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What Types of Bathing Suits Flatter You Most?

Which body type are you? How do you think of the above shopping tips? What is your favorite swimwear style? Leave a comment and let us know.

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