Spring Fashion Trend: Ombre Long Dresses

DM Ombre Prom Dresses

If you read our blog regularly, chances are that you are pretty familiar with long dresses which were a huge hit last spring, and the trend is sticking around for this year. While this spring, there is something interesting- long dresses in graduated colors and two-tone have been spotted on celebs, runway models, and fashionistas of all types. If you love these ombre long dresses, keep reading some outfits we create to let you learn the best ways to wear it this season.


Refreshing - Green Ombre Prom Dress

Ombre Prom Outfit 1

For an easy and stylish way to wear ombre trend, pair a green gradient one shoulder dress with high heeled sandals. Accessories like pearl bracelet keep the look feminine, while the butterfly earrings add a hint of spring spirit. Wear with a cute clutch that's large enough to hold your prom gear to create a fashion-forward, yet refreshing look!


Sexy and Stylish Look - V-neck Ombre Long Dress

Ombre Prom Outfit 2

Start this look with a v-neck ombre long dress. Since the glittering color and the sexy v-neck make the dress flirty, try adding on a two-tone clutch for starters. Next, add on some bold and stylish pumps to make a statement! You may also complete the look with some simple black earrings and bangles.


Spring Spirit - Yellow Ombre Long Dress

Ombre Prom Outfit 3

This look would work well for a prom or a formal event in spring. Pair with some nude pumps for a simple and chic look. Add on some elegant jewelry to express your personality!


How to Wear Ombre Long Dresses?

  • Ombre long dresses are easy to wear, they are also easy to wear the wrong way! Here are some tips for wearing the ombre long dresses.
  • Accessorize, but not too much. Ombre prom dresses are pieces that can make perfect statement all on their own. You don’t need to do too much else in the way of your outfit. Pair with sandals or wedges, a few pieces of jewelry, and you are ready to go!
  • Ombre long dresses look amazing on tall girls! If you're tall, this is one trend you should definitely try out if you get a chance.
  • While ombre long dresses are more flattering than mini dresses for a variety of figures, they can sometimes overwhelm petite figures. If you’re short, go for the highest sandals you can find to add height, it may also bring you a chic look in a easy way!


What Do You Think?

Do you love ombre prom dresses? What do you think of the above outfits? Which one is your favorite? Remember to leave a comment below and let me know what you think!


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