Fashion Essentials: 5 Must-have Items for Your Prom

I know you've realized dresses styling tips for the upcoming prom season, but between the party and endless school works, it's possible for you to miss one or two fashion essentials. I understand completely, which is why I am recommending my Top 5 items that every girl should buy BEFORE the prom season kicks into high gear. What better way to look glamorous, but to give a few gifts to yourself that are stylish and affordable. Here are my picks:


1. Prom Dress

Prom Dresses

Of course, a stylish prom dress is a party staple that will help you feel and look chic. From short prom dresses to floor length gowns, classic to modern styles, you have tons of options to choose one to be appropriate for your dressy event. As an essential, there is almost no way to make it through life without taking part in a formal event, and possibly you may wear the dress for diverse occasions.


2. Prom Jewelry

Prom Jewelry

Who doesn't love something shiny and sparkly to wear for the prom? prom jewelry such as necklace, rings, bangles and earrings is great to make you shine through the party. While the options are endless, choose a piece of statement jewelry is perfect enough to show off your personal style while dressing up. I personally love the cocktail ring which is sophisticated and makes an excellent conversation piece. Meanwhile, it's rather affordable- generally under $20. This could be worn during the day with shirt or at night with your perfect gown.


3. Prom High Heels

Prom High Heels

Colorful prom shoes are not only the great way to punch up your look for dressy formals, they are also a closet staple which can be worn many ways. This year, bright high heels are unexpectedly popular for adding a chic punch to any outfit. They are perfect in every way, from the ultra-chic pointed toe to the delicate ankle-straps to the luxe velvet fabric. You may pick a color that complements most the colors in your wardrobe. Believe us when we say these sophisticated heels are a must-have for the prom.


4. Prom Clutches

Prom Clutches

A compact size clutch is a great stable to have for your prom outfit. While you may bring your cell-phone and make-ups, these sturdy prom clutches can be popping up all over. And it doesn't have to very pricey, you may find very beautiful clutches at (only under $20)!


5. Appropriate Beauty


Personally, I truly believe that every girl deserves to treat themselves to a manicure to say "thank you". When your nails are 'done' and beautified, everything else in the world seems a little bit brighter. For attending a school formal, it's crucial to have appropriate makeup that will allow you to create a fabulous look.


What are Your Fashion Essentials?

What are your essentials for the school prom? Aside from the aboves, do you any additional suggestions? Is there any basic item you think should be added to this list? Leave a comment to let me know!

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