Fashion Inspired by Titanic: 3 Attractive Formal Dresses

Fashion inspired by the film of Titanic is featured including three dramatic looks creating with formal dresses.
Titanic Fashion Inspiration

Titanic, James Cameron's epic film was released in a new 3D version last weekend to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking. Capturing a lot of the historic events that went on in the Titanic and following the romance of Jack and rose, it is a great and perhaps the best known movie in the world. Although the movie premiered in 1997, many style elements from that time are still in fashion. Here at, we break down some looks inspired by this great movie with some attractive formal dresses. Read on to discover them all!


Luxurious Style - Beaded Red Evening Dress

Beaded Red Evening Dress

Rose is so attractive that Jack fell in love with her at first sight. As she is a member of the upper class, we can always see her in high-end garments and luxurious looks in expensive fabrics and jewelry. Inspired by Rose’s luxurious style, we choose a beaded cap sleeves red evening dress to create a classic but chic look. Pair with a ladylike hat with elegant gloves, embellished red pumps to create a drama effect. Some bold dark red lip may help you look stylish!


Heart of the Ocean - Blue One Shoulder Formal Dress

Blue One Shoulder Formal Dress

If you ask me which is the most impressive thing in the movie, my answer is definitely the necklace, Rose's "Heart of the Ocean"! Not only is it the vital clue of the whole love story, but also mark how luxurious of Titanic passengers. Inspired by this perfect necklace, we pick a blue one shoulder formal dress which also has a transparent net. Pair with classic blue bag and modern high heels. This outfit is extremely a perfect outfit for any kind of formal event.


Romance In-depth - Embroidery Formal Dress

Embroidery Prom Dress
Although the store of Jacky and Rose does not have a happy ending, their love on Titanic no doubt is romantic and makes us heartbreak. To get a similar vibe of their dance in the ship, we create a feminie look in dark with a embroidery prom dress. Black high heels and metallic clutch bag are the perfect finishing touch on a party!


Do You Like Titanic Fashion?

Is the Titanic Fashion also inspiring you? Did you see the Titanic 3D? Do you like the above prom dresses we recommend? Which costume in the movie is your favorite? Let us know in the comment!

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