One Blue Chiffon Dress Worn Four Ways


As a fashionista, it is easy to become bored with the clothes we already have and fall into a fashion rut. However, here at, we are always full of creative ideas of how to wear chic and show off your own style on a budget. The item we are digging into is seasonal favorite - The Blue Chiffon Dress. To help you get inspired, we have created four different outfits that are guaranteed to make you look fabulous for the coming months! Scroll on to check them out.


Blue Bridesmaid Dress - Wedding Party

Blue Chiffon Dress 1

This look is probably the easiest way to wear a chiffon dress. It would only take a few seconds to put this outfit together - throw on the bridesmaid dress, and strap on a pair of heeled sandals. Simply adding a accessory like pearl studs is okay but try to get away from statement pieces. Because bridesmaids should avoid looking upstage the bride. You may read more details from "Explore Trends of Bridesmaid Dresses 2012"!


Blue Spring Dress - Earthy Casual for Day

Blue Chiffon Dress 2

This look seems like the perfect spring outfit to many girls - a cute blue spring dress, a pop of color cross body bag and a girly watch. Pair this chiffon dress with a classy crop top. Then just add comfortable hi top sneakers and enjoy the beautiful spring weather! The outfit would be amazing for those days when you have got a million things to do but still want to look chic.


Blue Party Dress - Date Night

Blue Chiffon Dress 3

Since the chiffon dress is a statement itself, it makes a perfect patterned base for a fancy night out. Want to show off your look into more chic and eye-catching? Put on some standout accessories like bright yellow earrings, a bejeweled clutch. Pairing with some pop of color pumps will help you amp up the look for a night on the town. This outfit is a nice and easy option for the nights when you are in a hurry for an event, or when you are out at night and want a unique wear.


Blue Travel Dress - Summer Festival-Ready

Blue Chiffon Dress 4

Here comes another casual look. Whether you are outside for a short trip or inside at a museum, the blue chiffon dress featured here is totally fashion forward and season appropriate, making it equally cool for a day spent exploring the city. Put on some casual style accessories like an indie-inspired scarf for a boho style of look. Finish off with some flat sandals. This outfit would be perfect for spending time at the beach or a summer festival!


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What Do You Think?

Do you like this Blue Chiffon Dress? Would you wear it? Which look above is your favorite style? And how will you wear it? Do not hesitate to share your idea with us!

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