Bridal Fashion: Would You Wear Wedding Dresses With Sashes?

Sash Wedding Dresses

Putting a right accessory together is a basic fashion skill that may spice up the ensemble. Typically as a must-have accessory to many girls, belts are not only useful to tighten loose clothes, but also a perfect decoration making the outfit go from boring to stunning. And this season, we have seen belts from wedding dresses that are very much about an ornamented and sophisticated embellishment. No matter what your bridal style is, wedding belts and sashes are available in many different colors, design and fabrics to add flair. Below, we will show you some fashion wedding dresses with sashes that you will see everywhere this season. Read on to view them all!


Designer Sash Wedding Dresses

Designer Wedding Dresses with Black Sashes

This season, designers emphasized waists with form-fitting wedding dresses, high-waist dress, and cute sash wedding dresses on the runways. Vera Wang, the master which is good at creating defined white wedding dresses, however, added colors and whimsical silhouettes to make these basics more interesting for her most iconic Bridal Collections of Spring 2012. The collection also showed her finished off wedding dresses with black sashes. Although some of the looks may be a little bit over the top for a day, the collection as a whole is a great inspiration for 2012.


Sash Wedding Dresses with Beads

Sash Wedding Dresses with Embellished Beads

It is true that a waist-cinching belt is flattering on every body type. It defines the waist and adds detail to your wedding dress. For those of you who love to be in the spotlight, the crystal embellished belts really elevate the design of the traditional white wedding gowns. I personally love the look of this sash wedding dress because it is very modern and sparkling. The belts are not only able to enhance the bride's bling factor, but also to add luxurious texture and an eye-catching element effortlessly.


Sash Wedding Dresse with Applique

Sash Wedding Dresses with Rose Applique

Are you a fan of lace or applique? If so, the belted wedding dresses with rose appliques just exactly create a beautiful and romantic touch while maintaining a modern look. Whlie silk belts at the waist are great to accentuate curves. Brightly colored silk belts over the white wedding dresses create interest to the outfit.


Would You Wear Sash Wedding Dress?

What do you think of this fashion trend? Will you wear wedding dresses with sashes? Which belts style at do you think look the best? Let us hear your thought in the comments section!

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