DressilyMe Real Customer Review: Andrea's Custom-made Wedding Dress

Many thanks to Andrea, a bride from West Palm Beach, Florida for taking the time to write threads of her DressilyMe shopping experience with brides on Weddingbee. We're so excited that she was satisfied with her custom-made wedding dress and we're also happy to receive her opinions and suggestions. Below let's take a look at what she said and how she looked.


Andrea's Review for Her Custom-made Wedding Dress

Here she is!


Andreas Custom-made Wedding Dress-1

Hi girls.. in case anyone was following this thread, I just wanted to share an update and a pic of me in it!! I had my second fitting today, and well, the dress is now done and sitting waiting for me to get it a week before the wedding. The had to take in the sides and fit it around my chesticle area a bit more and she pressed it...... Sorry about the crappy cell phone pic.


I'm undecided on whether or not to wear crinoline. I'll bring it with me and try the dress on with it when I go get it... On and it's bustled in this pic. The one beneath it is pre bustled with them trying to find the hookie things but you get an idea of how long the train is.


Andreas Custom-made Wedding Dress-2

Andreas Custom-made Wedding Dress-3
Here I was today all jacked up (no makup, hair not done) with crinoline..


Andreas Custom-made Wedding Dress-4

Ah yes, decisions, decisions. I think at this point, it's subjective either way...


I decided in the end to do the crinny, as I felt the dress needed it to keep its form. After the wedding, I would highly recommend Dressilyme either adds more boning than their standard, or puts in a higher quality boning because my dress started buckling after a short time and I wasn't happy with that.


And for what it's worth, the wedding was awesome! It went so fast. Here's a non-pro pic (ok, so I have no idea what I was looking at, lol)


Andreas Custom-made Wedding Dress-5

It's not like the dress didn't hold up well. It held up great. Also keep in mind that my chest is very large, and I believe that extra boning and/or better quality boning would have held it up better... I wouldn't let that deter me from purchasing from Dressilyme; but I would have them address this issue. They made me a beautiful gown and I have no regrets.


Andreas Custom-made Wedding Dress-6

Here's another angle... (and my son's body, ha)
Andreas Custom-made Wedding Dress-7


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