DressilyMe Real Customer Review: Lilyflower's Ruffled Wedding Dress

Many thanks to Lilyflower for taking the time to share her shopping experience with DressilyMe on Weddingbee! The ruffle wedding dress she ordered is so fantastic that I personally love it so much. Intrigued? Just read on to check the bride's comment and pictures of her wearing effect.


Lilyflower's Experience for her DressilyMe Ruffled Wedding Dress

Hi, So I ordered a dress off dressily me about a month and a few weeks ago. Within 2 weeks they had sent me pictures. I couldn’t believe how fast they made it. I loved the top but the bottom just didn’t seem right. I asked them to do a few modifications on it.

My original post is here: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/dressilyme-sent-me-pictures-something-wrong-with-skirtneed-opinions-pics

Well, they were closed for their Chinese new year for almost a month. But it was worth the wait. Here are the updates on the dress! I think they did a great job for a dress that only cost around $300!! I will post more photos when the dress gets here of the fit & me in it when it gets here :)

(The color is the same, the lighting is just different)

What do you think of it for a dress that only cost 300$?
Lilyflowers Ruffled Wedding Dress Sidebyside

Lilyflowers Ruffled Wedding Dress Front

Lilyflowers Ruffled Wedding Dress Back

The only thing im not a HUGE fan of is the back, but then again it is on a dummy, im sure it will look better on a real person. I still think its pretty.
a href="http://www.dressilyme.com/p-exquisite-charm-elegant-organza-satin-stabilized-tricot-mermaid-strapless-ruffled-lovely-wedding-dress-8662.html" target="_blank">Lilyflower’s Ruffled Wedding Dress

Me with the dress on.. :D . I plan on getting a sparkly sash ( this is just a random belt I have). It's not done up all the way completely either. I love it. I want to wear it all the time. haha


The Ruffled Wedding Dress

The Ruffled Wedding Dress-STYLE NO-WWD008HS

This ruffled wedding dress (STYLE NO.WWD008HS ) features a fitted mermaid silhouette. The upper bodice is made of organza satin and the lining is satin, while the fishtail skirt is created from organza satin and stabilized tricot.


What Do You Think?

Do you like ruffles on the wedding dress? How do you think of Lilyflower's idea on adding a sparkly sash on this dress? As always, let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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