Top Three Trends for Switching Your Wardrobe to Spring

2012 Runway Coverage

Here at, we know switching your wardrobe to transition to spring, or any season can be challenging, especially with shaking up temperatures. No idea what to wear for everyday? Never fear, we're here to help you select some killer trends from the spring 2013 runway coverage for this sun-soaked season. While there are quite a ton of selections, here’s our take on the Tops 3 Trends for Switching Your Wardrobe to Spring.



Striped Body-con Dress

Striped Body-con Dress

These days, stripes, checkers, polka dots, nothing exactly new here. But, the runways offered plenty of new spins. Many designers like Marc Jacob and Tommy Hilfiger all showed their obsession with this specific trend in their collections. They present one of the easiest ways to add a graphic, stark amount of pop to your repertoire. Personally, I'm huge fan of the striped body-con dress. It can show off the fabulous figure effectively and look fashion-forward.


Striped Swimsuit

Striped One-piece Swimsuit

But if you aren't a fan of this form-fitting fashion but still looking to keep up with stripes, go for anything that you would like to try. As a matter of fact, this is one trend you can easily incorporate into your look with little to no fuss as a striped bikini or shoes will do. For example, a striped one-piece swimsuit can be a great idea.


Floral Print Maxi Dress

Floral Print Maxi Dress

It’s no secret that everything involved flowers can be hot in spring. With the digital print buzz dying down comes a return to the idea of classic prints with new, dresses with flowers or floral print made for a refreshing and welcome signature on virtually every runway. I love the vivid floral prints maxi dress. A simple a-line style and full length of a dress got the message out loud and clears there. Plus, the springtime color makes the idea of going floral look in an unexpected way.


Black and White

Black and White Short Dress

After seasons of non-stop saturated color ruling the runways, black made make a return on fashion. But an everyday black tank dress won’t keep you on trend this time season as the call is for fashions that are informed. The black and white outfit however, is able to look surprises. The key to making the hue work for you at any age is to look for simple and classic silhouettes. Basically anything but polished, these black and white dresses could work.


What Do You Think?

What are your favorite trends from the 2013 runways? What are your must-have spring pieces? Would you wear a floral print dress? Leave me any ideas or suggestions in the comments below!

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