DressilyMe Real Customer Review: Rowdygirl99's Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress

Many thanks to Rowdygirl99, a bride from Fairbanks, Alaska for taking the time to share her DressilyMe shopping experience with all brides on Weddingbee! We're ecstatic to know that she's amazed at the quality of our tulle ballgown wedding dress, meanwhile, we're glad to receive her positive comment for our service. Without further ado, below let's take a look at her comments and pictures of her wearing effect.


Rowdygirl99's Review for Her Tulle Wedding Dress

Ok, here's the scoop. Dresilyme has been absolutley fantastic to work with. They are altering the neckline to make it a sweetheart, but it will not be as pronounced beacuse my boobs are too big (silly, don't they know that's a good thing, hehehe). They are adding some rhinestones to the detail they added on the bust to make it more closely match the detail on the waist. I should have pics tonight and will post. Thanks for all your input ladies!


Rowdygirl99s Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress-1

Rowdygirl99s Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress-2

Dressilyme was $300 cheaper for the exact same dress than jasmines. Believe me, I did my homework. I was actually so set on working with dressilyme that I changed my gown choice because they couldnt make the dress I wanted because of the skirting. See previous post here http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/help-me-pick-a-dress-please-2#axzz2ODZqhXVp (dress 1). I am working with Paris and she is great. My dress was $235, with the custom size charge and I had them add a train for $100 so my total with shipping was like 390. They have been wonderful, and in less than a month my gown is almost ready!!

And by the way, dressily me was so wonderful to work with. Even with the 59 emails I sent them, they were always pleasant and didn't charge me a dime extra :)!

Rowdygirl99s Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress-3

Rowdygirl99s Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress-4

Rowdygirl99s Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress-5

Rowdygirl99s Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress-6

Rowdygirl99s Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress-7

So it didnt get here until yesterday, but it is PERFECT! The quaity is awesome, and it fits perfectly! I absolutly am amazed at they quality of my dress! It is fantastic! For the price ($275, and I had them add a train for $100) I don't think I could have gotten a better dress!


The Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress

The Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress

The Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress-Front

The Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress-Back

The dress she ordered is a alteration version of our STYLE NO.WWD00Q5F in White. It features strapless a sweetheart neckline and fitted bodice. The waist is detailed with beadings and manmade diamonds.


What Do You Think?

Do you think the dress fits perfect on the bride? How do you think of the puffy ruffles? Would you wear a tulle ballgown wedding dress? As always, leave a comment to let us know what you think!

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