The Top 5 Best Colors for Spring Bridesmaid Dresses

Color is a must-consider element if you're shopping for bridesmaid dresses. It's true that perfect dresses can not only look great on girls, but also fit your wedding season. As a matter of fact, we've received tons of emails and comments waiting for color recommendations of spring bridesmaid dresses. And over the past weeks, we've finally decided on our top 5 best. Scroll on down to check them out!


Emerald Green

Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dress

Emerald is absolutely the hot color for fashion this year. Featuring a emerald green is great way to fit a spring garden wedding.


Sky Blue

Skyblue Bridesmaid Dress

Blue is bold and hot at the moment. However, we typically think of it as a winter hue and a little too deep and dark. To me, springtime is about blooming blossoms and blue skies, we think a skyblue would look just great for this season.



Ivory Bridesmaid Dress

We know that basically it's not appropriate for bridesmaids to wear the same color as the bride, but this color is never more popular especially after the royal wedding. And it looks great on most skin tones, even better, these ivory dresses are good for both formal and casual occasions.


Pale Coral

Pale Coral Bridesmaid Dress

Coral is more cheerier, but this spring, pale coral is sure to make a bright impact. This beachy hue is also perfect for a destination wedding.



Lavender Bridesmaid Dress

This dreamy shade is a cross between purple and gray and adds a sophisticated vibe to bridesmaid dresses. We just love it's softness and feminine effect for a wedding ceremony.


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Which Color Will You Choose for Bridesmaids?

What do you think of our top 5 best colors for bridesmaid dresses? Which one is your favorite? What color will your bridesmaids be wearing? Leave a comment and let us know!

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