DressilyMe Fabulous Find: Stunning Taffeta Strapless Ball Gown

Welcome to DressilyMe Fabulous Find from where we share some perfect dresses that are not only very iconic but also HIGHLY recommended by our customers. Take one of a stunning taffeta strapless ball gown for instance - it's a perfect prom wear for its puffy feature and sophisticated tailoring. While for the price, it's also budget-friendly under 200 dollars (only US $194.17). Ready to ses what the dress looks like? Read on to check it out as well as a true review from Sarah Liz.


The Stunning Taffeta Strapless Ball Gown

Stunning Taffeta Strapless Ball Gown

This ball gown is strapless with lace-up closure. The applique decoration between the bust forms a triangle shape while the ruched tiered skirt with several appliques scattered creates a tint of beauty.


Sarah Liz's Review on the Dress

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I ordered this for my Prom several months ago after having ordered another product through this website. I ordered this dress in Falu Red and it was gorgeous. I ordered it along with a petticoat this time, because I discovered after my last order that the skirt is not as puffy without it. I had problems with the sizing, though: I custom size ordered with the exact same measurements as I used last year (the dress fit like a dream) and the first dress I bought still had room to lace up in the back. This dress, with the same measurements, was too short (even before the petticoat) and the bodice was too big, even laced up as tight as it would go. I was very disappointed in that respect. However, otherwise, the shipping was fast, the dress is good. Allow some time for the dress to unwrinkle and inflate if you're ordering from this site, they are big fluffy dresses packed tightly into small bags before they're shipped to you. Just shake it out and leave hanging out for a day or two, it'll be fine. Altogether, a very good order. (By the way, HIGHLY recommend Falu Red, it looks so cool in the different lights! See attached pics for demonstration).


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