The Best 4 of 2012 Fashion Trends

While we say goodbye to 2011, it is the perfect time to reflect, to dream and to make a resolution for 2012. Last year, we have donned all manner of fabrics, patterns, colors as well as styles for fashion. But what were the most essential and what will have impact for 2012 fashion. Without further ado, scroll down to view them all.




2011 was absolutely the year of the sparkles. Whether it is sequins, beads or other dazzling material, spakles are everywhere in a great range of hue, shape and size. Cocktail dresses were covered in intricate sparkles, winter formal dresses dazzled from head to toe, shoes and accessories were all connected with bling bling element. Undeniably, to celebrate this time of year, there is nothing better than rocking sparkly pieces. When in doubt, you would better to keep it simple. As sparkly piece can often be more than enough to make a statement and long way it will shine on in 2012.




Boots, dresses and even accessories, prints was one of the hottest trend in 2011. While some people think it was kinda tacky, it occurred to be prevailing and overwhelming the fashion industry. While many celebrities can pull this trend off, we find it is brilliant to translate the pattern into real life. Of course, leopard print is considered as the most neutral and easy print to work with.



With any fashion risk, it is important to feel good about the way you look and let your confidence shine through!



Red Tone Prom Dresses

One of the hottest trends on the red carpet last year was red tones. Grammy, Oscar, Emmys Awards as well as a slew of occasions, glamour red tone dresses were from every corner. Sandra Bullock rocked down Oscar red carpet by a red prom dress while a plenty of stars like Kate Willslet and Angelina Julie have also been spotted rocking this trend. Almost through the whole year, red dresses work best when they are mixed with dark tones such as black. Since reds are already specific shade, itself is able to make a statement and have an impact.




Whether you are wearing it on your top, prom dresses, or elsewhere, one thing is for sure, lace is not just for your underwear anymore! For 2011, the delicate stretch lace has been revamped or rather reverted to a more stylish lace that is sturdier and trendy. While white lace is always great to give off a classy yet innocent look, black lace dress can be a bit much for certain occasions.


What do you think?

Did you skip any of the above trend? What do you think of 2012 fashion trends? Whatever your thoughts, let me know in the comments. We always love your input!

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