Would You Wear a Bridal Hair Fascinator for the Big Day

Bridal Fascinator

Wedding fashion comes and goes, but we can't help thinking that hair fascinators are here to stay. Being fascinating and reminiscent of fancy 20' weddings with elegant brides and beautiful dresses, they are a bold, bright way to liven up your bridal look for the big day. Here are a few cute bridal hair fascinators we found at DressilyMe.com, just read on and check them out.


Birdcage Hair Fascinator

Birdcage Hair Fascinator

This beautiful hair fascinator features a birdcage veil, satin, feather & Austrian diamonds. It’s so elegant and beautiful and it works very well with a simple, streamlined wedding dress. It’s great for themed or traditional weddings and looks lovely with any hair color.


Silk & Tulle & Feathers Fascinator

Silk Tulle Feathers Fascinator

This hair fascinator is very dramatic and perfect for a vintage style wedding. It works well against dark hair and simpler, softer wedding dresses. Created from raw silk, and feathers, this fascinator features gorgeous tulle petals, contrasting feathers and matching wrist flower.


Tulle Bowknot Hair Fascinator

Tulle Bowknot Hair Fascinator

This girly fascinator is perfect for a princess style wedding and is made from tulle with manmade diamonds. It features a bold and big knot that contrasts well with the delicate layers. It's perfect for short hair but looks lovely with any hair color.


Flower Shaped Fascinator

Flower Shaped Fascinator

This elegant fascinator features a row of flowers decorated with Austrian diamonds and pearls. It’s absolutely perfect for a themed wedding and works well with any silhouette dress, especially if the dress features flower accents.


Blossom Bridal Fascinator

Blossom Bridal Fascinator

This bridal headpiece features a birdcage and a manmade flower blossom with feathers. It's perfect for a luxurious themed wedding.


What Do You Think?

Would you wear a hair Fascinator for your big day? Which style above is your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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