Would You Wear Studded High Heels

Studded High Heels

Love it or loathe it, studded shoes have been popular for a few seasons, but this season, they're received a modern and colorful update. From subtle, slightly metal styles to ultra-rock and roll, the studded high heels are sure to make a bold statement.

So, if you like a little edge with your footwear at the holiday party, go for the below studded heeled pumps. Whether you want a pair of shoes with just a hint of metal or something covered in studs, you’re bound to find your perfect pair.


1. Peep Toe Studded High Heels

Peep Toe Studded High Heels

As we know, studs are very trendy. And these peep toe studded high heels are a nod to classic punk styles of the past.


2. Burgundy Studded Pumps

Burgundy Studded Pumps

This style is perfect for glamour girls. They adorned with rocker rivets which are sure to add some sparkle to your wardrobe. The burgundy hue and leopard details can also turn heads.


3. Pointed Toe Studded Heels

Pointed Toe Studded Heels

If you are looking for pointed style shoes on your holiday outfit, these studded shoes can be your choice. Plus, the flattering black hue means that they'll pair well with everything from dresses to skinny jeans.


4. Peach Silk Fabrics Studded Pumps

Peach Silk Fabrics Studded Pumps

These studded pumps are comfortable shoes of height, which makes them perfect for girls don't like heels. Besides, the peach color not only adds an unexpected pop of color, but helps to modernize these rocker shoes.


5. Peep Toe Studded Heeled Sandals

Peep Toe Heeled Sandals

The chic shoes combine the pointed toe of a classic pump, the modern design of a sky high heel, and the edgy straps and studs of sandals. These heels are the perfect addition to dresses in summer, but also look just as good with tights in winter.


Would You Wear Studded High heels

What do you think about studded heels? Would you wear them for their practicality? Do you think they are totally adorable for a party look? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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