15 Cute Holiday Party Dresses Under 100

Party Season

Hi everyone and happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a great turkey day. From Thanksgiving to New Years, the season of parties for various holidays begins. If you are looking for a new dress to rock your exciting event, the options are ultra numerous. Here at DressilyMe.com, we have compiled 15 holiday party dresses that are cute and trendy. Even better? All of them are priced under $100.


Tulle Party Dresses

Holiday Tulle Party Dresses
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Is there any other dress more perfect for a fancy party than a tulle dress? These tulle party dresses are adorable and perfect to wear if you're more in the mood for a quiet evening. The fabric is flirty and the fairytale style draws attention to your figure. When it comes to accessories, you may choose oversize cocktail ring to add more attention or just pair with general pumps, be sure to choose the right color to match your cute frock.


Little Black Dresses

Holiday Little Black Dresses
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We love LBD for two reasons: first, the black color is more than just wearable for any occasions. Whether you are dressing up for a family dinner in Thanksgiving or join a cocktail party with friends, you can never go wrong with a little black dress. Second, it's easy to accessorize the LBD, you may either pair with bold jewelry or simply add black high heels to finish your look. These little black dresses are able to make a statement!


Detailed Party Dresses

Detailed Party Dresses
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Whether it has a drape detail or a trendy one shoulder, a dress that pays attention to detail makes a great party statement. Also, a detailed party dress means you would be less likely to run into someone at the party with a same look. These detailed party dresses under 100 provide a chance to play around with looks and styles that you wouldn’t normally consider. Not only are they perfect to wear, they could also be dressed down if need be.


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What is your favorite dress to wear in party season? Which dress would you be most likely to wear? Kindly remind you that Thanksgiving Sale is now ongoing at DressilyMe.com, be sure to use our coupon for the best deals.

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