Would You Wear a Thigh High Slit Dress

Thigh High Slit Dresses

As we know, dresses with slits are one of the hottest trends on red carpet. These bold looks have been spotted on many celebrities, including Kate Middleton, Taylor Swift and Rihanna. And earlier this year, Angelina Julie sparked a obsession with one very specific side slit gown on Academy Award and soon caused a stir on the internet.


Side Slit Dress Features

So what is a side slit dress? In case you didn't know, read on for some information.

  • Dress with a slit has an open cut generally from the thigh or waist to the hem. The shape is usually seen on long gowns or formal dresses.

  • The length of the split can be various. There are half length, three-quarter length or full length. Also, it can be formed on left or right side as well as straightly in front of the dresses.

  • In addition, the long gowns with slit would be different with the train of the dress. It can be a simple elegant floor length or with a dramatic train.


While they are probably considered to flatter ladies who want to show off their curves and legs, these stylish dresses can always display glamour in appearance. Not only accentuate women's figure, but they also reveal the sexy beauty effortlessly.


Affordable Thigh High Slit Dresses

So, ready to rock this trend? Scroll on down to check out a few of my favorite thigh high slit dresses from DressilyMe.com, as always, they are overall budget-friendly.


1. White Chiffon Side Slit Dress

White Chiffon Side Slit Dress


2. Charmeuse Side Slit Dress

Charmeuse Side Slit Dress


3. Sapphire Thigh High Slit Dresses

Sapphire Thigh High Slit Dresses


4. Celebrity Style Thigh High Slit Dress

Celebrity Style Thigh High Slit Dress


What Do You Think?

Would you wear a thigh high slit dress? Do you love Angelina's look? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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