What to Wear to Winter Formals: 3 Military Ball Dresses

Military Ball

November has arrived, which means the season for military balls is upon us, and the fashion world is greeting the season with open arms in anticipation of blue-ribbon formal gowns. But what is a military ball, you ask? It is an exciting event held to honor those who serve and have served in the US military.


Something You Should Know about Military Ball Dress

Military balls are organized locally, so styles can vary from region to region. But here are a few general things couples may want to know:

  • At a military ball, ladies wear full or floor-length gowns, but also have the option of cocktail dresses, as long as detailing is minimal.

  • Basically, women will often dress up in colors that match well with their date's uniform colors.

  • Patterns and bright colors should be avoided.


Below are three dresses that would be perfect for a military ball.

Light Blue Military Ball Dress

Light Blue Military Ball Dress

This charmeuse military ball dress is a great choice for dancing, catching attention and making a statement at a coast guard or navy ball. The deep Columbia blue looks fashionable and staying very formal. Take your super glittering jewelry and pair with them with some black high heels.


Red Army Ball Ball Dress

Red Army Ball Ball Dress

This army ball dress is dedicated to those of you loving trendy pieces that still keep appropriate for very formal occasions. Despite it features a V neckline, I'm sure you're still as obsessed with the winter color as us. Feel free to add a jacket or shawl if the temperatures are going to be cold. Pair with some dark shade pumps and rhinestone necklace. It's totally a perfect outfit for marine balls.


Strapless Military Gown

Strapless Military Gown

Ball gown is always great for events in cold days. This strapless marine ball gown would be an ideal event-going piece with fall in mind. Pick-up skirt with the horizontal back forms a bold and sophisticated outfit. Add just dazzling earrings and you will look incredibly stylish while admiring by your partner.


What Do You Think?

Are you going to a military ball? If so, what are you going to wear? Which military ball dress above do you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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