Four Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls on a Budget


It’s all very exciting around here. Halloween is just a week away! It is the one night a year that we can play with dressing up like any character. If you still don't any idea for this year's Halloween costume, we are here to help. Without further to do, read on to find our four inexpensive Halloween costume ideas!


Female Tiger Halloween Costume

Tiger Halloween Costume

Although I don't think Halloween costumes have to be slutty, I have included some of the sexy costumes out there too, in case that is up your alley. Tiger costumes have always symbolized dangerous eroticism, and have their smoldering sex appeal and killer fashion sense. Likewise, the style is more aggressive and wild.


Pirate Halloween Costume

Pirate Halloween Costume

This was another hot costume each year, just because of that, there are tons of cute pirate costumes to choose from, which means you have a smaller chance of having the same costume as anyone else. This year, pirate costumes come in every style, color, and size imaginable. Here are some cute pirate costumes.


Red Riding Hood Costume

Red Riding Hood Costume

Another symbolic figure, Red Riding Hood has a cute, totally individual, recognizable sense of style. This Halloween costume is a great one for those of you who want to show off sexiness at the party! Grab a long wave wig, put on some white leggings, and a small basket! If you have something with crazy red, this is the time to wear it! With Red Riding Hood, the red the better! Keep this in mind when you do your makeup, too.


Bunny Girl Costume

Bunny Girl Costume

If you want a look that’s on the sultry side, look no further than the bunny girl costume and her unique style. With the short dress, black gloves and bunny ears, you can create a totally cute and sexy look with stuff you already own!


What Do You Think?

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What's your choice for this year's Halloween costume? Which one above is your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know!

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