DressilyMe Real Customer Review: Vandykins's Custom Made Wedding Dresses

Vandykins, one of a bride-to-be from Victoria, BC, USA has kindly posted some pictures of trying her DressilyMe custom wedding dresses and shared her comments on weddingbee. We are so pleased to see Vandykins's happy look in the two wedding dresses and she's really stunning. Interested? Just read on!


Vandykins's Dressilyme Dresses and Comments

I got my dresses shipped to my work and they arrived about an hour into my shift. It was toooorture to look at that box at all day but I didn't want to open it until I got home!! My twin sister picked me up and we rushed home to try them on! I am in LOVE! I'd marry the dresses if I wasn't already taken ~_~

So, disclaimers, the lighting wasn't all that good and some of the pics are blurry! Also, i didn't change into a good bra, and we had to rush so Joules, (my twin) didn't lace them up all the way. And my hairs a mess, but who cares right?? Onto the pics!

The Ceremony dress


The petticoat I ordered was waaaaay too big and didn't fit under the dress. So I need to find a new one! But it fit perfectly! (i did custom sizing) But I've lost weight since I ordered, been doing the 30 day shred the last month, and if i lose any more i'll prolly need alterations.


Practicing some silly poses.


Joules didn't have the patience to fluff my train since we were in a rush, so this pic doesn't do it justice at all.


The applique on the bodice is just so lovely. But needs more sparkle! Joules and I will be stitching on crystals galore.

The Reception dress!


I am just too too in love with this dress! It's also running a wee bit big now, and will prolly need alterations. But it's perfect! I wish the lighting wasn't so off so you could see the details. When I have more time, i'll try to show the lining, and boning. It's so well made. I don't even think i'll need a bra and i've got quite the rack!


Love love love! I don't think I'll have any trouble smiling in my wedding day pics.

So all in all! I highly recommend Dressilyme. :)


How Do You Think of Custom Made Wedding Dress?

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