DressilyMe Real Customer Review: Casmut's Custom Made Wedding Dress

Casmuts Custom Made Wedding Dress

Many thanks to Casmut for taking the time to post a thread on Weddingbee and share her DressilyMe Adventure to all brides. We are ecstatic that she was totally satisfied with our dress and service. Below, let's take a look at her comment and some pictures of this custom made wedding dress!

Casmut's Review and Pictures of Her Custom Wedding Dress

Hello everyone! I became engaged in February, and ever since then I've been lurking on a few weddings boards.

So after taking the plunge of ordering my wedding dress from an online vendor (thanks to the great reviews on here!), I've decided to come out of the shadows and share my experiences with DressilyMe thus far!

I've just received pictures of my wedding dress, and I'm a little iffy about certain details. I'd love to hear your guys' opinion about it. :)

Here's the original I tried on at DB:



Now here's my dress from DressilyMe. I took about a million photos so they could get everything perfect, lol. It looks like the top doesn't have the floral design, the front is a bit off-center, the shoulder strap a little short, and I think when I sent them photos of the bottom they thought it was the design in the front, because the bottom doesn't have any detail work at all. Overall it's nice, but not quite what I wanted.

DressilyMe Front:





Seeing the up close shots of the bodice revealed that the design isn't all like the one I asked them to do. But I'm actually okay with that, because it still looks stunning. The bottom back design isn't nearly as large as the original, but it's also very nice.

And now, here are the new pictures!



Overall, I'm quite pleased with the result! Now I just want it to get here, lol!


I know the pictures came out a little eh because of my camera, but my dress is gorgeous! We're totally new to lace up backs so it's a little loose. lol!



How Do You Think of Custom Made Wedding Dress?

How do you think of Casmut's wedding dress? Do you love it? Here at DressilyMe.com, we typically provide custom made wedding dresses for brides who would like to wear something unique or special on their big day. Want to make your dream gown come ture? Just send your detailed requirements on the dress together with pictures to customer-care@dressilyme.com and our customer service specialist will be honored to serve you promptly.

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