Perfect Wig Styles for Your Face Shape

People wear wigs for different reasons. Some look for a wig to create drastic changes while the others wear to cover their imperfection of appearance. But let's be honest, not all the styles that will instantly rock for your face shape. Therefore, this post will help you find the most flattering wig style based on you face shape. Read on!


Oval Face

Wigs for Oval Face

Oval shaped faces can handle most hairstyles with ease. No matter for short bobs or waves, oval shaped faces looks good with virtually any type of wigs. However, be sure to avoid short layers which can make your face appear long while the voluminous hair will hide your proportioned features.


Square Face

Wigs for Square Face

If you have a square shaped face, try wigs of curls, layered and side swept that will soften the hard angles. While center parts can make your face appear more narrow, wigs with side swept bangs can focus the attention on your eyes. Instead, stay away from chin-length bobs and wigs with blunt bangs that will make your face look boxy.


Heart-shaped Face

Wigs for Heart-shaped Face

Heart-shaped face girls can also pull off a variety of wig styles, but also have to be wary of drawing extra attention to a more pointy chin. The perfect wigs for this shape are rounded bobs, wispy bangs and curly or wavy wigs that add fullness to the cheekbones. But try to avoid chin-length bobs and short curly wigs.


Round Face

Wigs for Round Face

The key for any girl with a round face is to create angles that balance out the width. Layered wigs help soften your wide cheeks while longer bangs may not only elongate your face, but also draw attention away from the sides of your face.


What Do You Think?

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What is your face shape? Which wig style will you be most likely to wear? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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