24 Trendy and Classy Bags to Fit Every Sense of Style


Whether you are a girl working at the office or still in the college, a trendy and perfect bag is probably what you need! For different occasions and functions, there are a ton of different types of bags. To aid you on your search for the perfect one, we have found 24 adorable bags from DressilyMe.com to fit every sense of style. The best part? They are all budget-friendly! Interested? Keep reading!


Trendy Purses and Messenger Bags

Trendy Purses and Cross-body Bags

A trendy purse or clutch is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of carrying belongings for a night out, while messenger bags have all the practicality of a roomy backpack, with a similar style to a tote. They are also great for plans outside and won't weight you down. Another great thing about these cross body bags is that they are totally classic, meaning you don't have to worry they will go out of style.


Classy Lady Handbags

Classy Lady Handbags

Believe it or not, a perfect handbag is a total accessory essential to every girl. However, we are not talking your basic, run-of-the-mill handbags here. Instead, classy lady handbags are the focus! Such as these leopard print bags, they are really classy, chic and bold to make a statement.


Cute Tote Bags

Cute Tote Bags

Bigger than lady handbags, tote bags are always popular simply because they are both functional and stylish. Even though some of these totes are not extremely roomy and cannot handle heavy loads like backpack can, they are instantly able to make any look ultra-chic and can be a nice way to show off your personal style. An added bonus: these go with everything and will last you all fall and into next year!


What Do You Think?

What do you think of these hot fall bags? Which bag is your favorite? Do you have a tote bag or a night out purse? Let us know by leave a comment below!

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