Zodiac Style: Simple and Classic Prom Dresses for Virgo


Here at DressilyMe.com, we have been trying to dig into the link between astrology and personal style. In case you have miss the other parts of this series, take a look at the Zodiac Style! This time, we will be looking at the earth sign --- Virgo! If you were born between August 23 and Sep. 22, then you are a Virgo! For specifics on this sign's style, check out the below prom dresses!


Polished Virgo Look - Navy Blue Cocktail Dress

Virgo Style -Navy Blue Dress

Virgos like to look polished no matter where they go, and this first outfit exemplifies that. This navy blue cocktail dress should appeal to most Virgos due to its simple structure, which makes it easy to dress up with accessories. Pari with a cool bracelet, an eye-catching collar necklace and blue high heels for a dressy and stylish prom look.


Trendy Virgo Look - Dark Brown One Shoulder Dress

Virgo Style - Dark Brown Dress

As an earth sign, virgos are known for their organized and observant traits and they are always willing to try new trends. A dark brown one shoulder dress can easily look polished, try pairing the dress with pretty structured stilettos for a classic, feminine look. Next, add statement jewelry which is not only perfect for adding details, but also won't interfere with the one shoulder neckline. Accessorize with a clutch for a little edge.


Neat Virgo Look - Cream Short Prom Dress

Virgo Style - Cream Prom Dress

The final look is another outfit that would be perfect for neat Virgo girls who love simple and timeless pieces. Start by pairing with a cream short prom dress. Cream lace flats streamline the look and a messenger bag is roomy enough for all your belongings. Black earrings continue the classic look, while the bold necklace is perfect for the ever-punctual Virgo.


Your Thoughts?

Are You a Virgo? What do you think is a right style for Virgo? How do you think of the above prom dresses? Leave a comment and let us know!

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