New in 2013 Summer Wedding Dresses

New in 2013 Summer Wedding Dresses

It's finally the spring time! Each year of this time, we may see the latest collections of wedding dresses at bridal market for the upcoming season. As always, they're able to bring us and brides some surprises. And the 2013 summer wedding dresses are definitely no exception. As a matter of fact, it’s not easy to pick out our favorites from so many truly beautiful gowns, but we’ve sorted out a handful, that truly make us swoon. Take a look and I hope you girls love them!


1. Lace Summer Wedding Dresses

Lace Summer Wedding Dress

I know that the love for lace wedding dresses is evident here at, so I make it the first of this post. From the order research at our system, the lace dresses are a winner. While the 2013 summer styles add more focal points. Not only are they elegant to fit the brides' aesthetics, but the lace is creative without being too snazzy, which makes them perfect for so many brides.


2. Short Summer Wedding Dresses

Short Summer Wedding Dress

Is there anything more appropriate than wearing a short bridal dress on a sunny summer wedding (especially on a beach theme wedding party)? You'll be sure to get tons of compliments when you wear these dresses for your wedding reception party.


3. Keyhole Back Wedding Dresses

Keyhole Back Bridal Dress with Sash

Keyhole Back Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses with a statement-making back have received a positive reputation in the last few years. Whether it's a keyhole, a V-shape or a back adorned by fascinating beads, these wedding dresses can effortlessly grab people's attention. We can help but have an obsession with a keyhole back wedding dress.


4. Dramatic Tulle Summer Wedding Dress

Tulle Mermaid Wedding Dress
This is perennial favorite for all dramatic tulle addicts and it's easy to see why, first, it's as close as you can get a fancy look, second, it's incredibly flattering and third, it's super fashion-forward. If you're looking for something a bit flirtier, you might like the above mermaid style. But if you want a tried-and-true favorite to fit your style, look no further than a ballgown silhouette.


What Do You Think?

How do you think of the 2013 summer wedding dresses? What are your favorite styles? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Hot Trends for Prom Dresses 2013

3 Hot Trends for Prom Dresses 2013

The time of year is coming again for graduations, weddings, proms, and summer parties! And if you want to pick up some trendy prom fashion, you've come to the right place. After being featured on multiple fashion blogs, I've compiled a list of the hottest trends for this 2013 prom dresses. Simply scroll on down to check out 3 major trends that you may rock on your events.


1. High Low

Color Block High Low Prom Dress

Black and White High-low Prom Dress

The hi-low dress is slated to be a huge trend for prom 2013. Although the style may seem a bit banal, the high contrast looks are going to be distinct, fashion-forward and we’re going to see lots of them with various fabrics this season. It’s acceptable only because it’s prom. Be on the lookout for high low pieces that incorporate black and white, ombre and textures. They can definitely make a fun party statement!


2. Short Prom Dresses

2013 Short Prom Dress

When we talked about prom dresses in 5 or 10 years ago, we might think of the long, formal gowns and perhaps some princess styles. However, this year, young ladies have more fun and much more affordable options to choose from, for example, the short prom dresses are coming back with uber-chic designs. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, and Victoria Beckham are big fans of short dresses. Make this trend eye-catching by accessorizing with an intricately beaded clutch and pumps for a fun night out.


3. Shimmery and Strapless

Beaded and Strapless Prom Dress

Beaded Bust Empire Waist Full Length Prom Dress

This shimmery gown is worth a look if you’re going for a more attractive look this year. While strapless necklines never go out of style, the beaded or sparkly embellishments create more glittering effect if you're looking for shimmer without wearing sequins. Add a statement necklace for additional bling and an extra touch of elegance.


DressilyMe 30% Off New In Prom Dresses

Lets Go to Party-Prom Dresses

Here at, we've kicked things off by offering a big sale for prom essentials. Over 40 prom dresses are picked for this sale. The best part? They are up to 30% off, which means you may simply find the on-trend dress at a budget-friendly price.


What Do You Think?

How do you think of these prom dress trends? Which one is your favorite? Will you be rocking any of these dresses on your event? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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Stylish Cover-ups Swimsuits For Summer 2013

Beach Cover-up

With April winding down, everyone has got one thing on mind: the glorious, free-spirited days of summer. It's so excited to feel the wind and water splash refreshingly across the face. Whether you're going to an ocean, a river or even the swimming pool in your backyard, looking for a new swimsuit is an absolute must. While lately, I was getting obsessed with pretty cover-up swimwear, not only are these bathing suits stylish, but they're uber flattering to boot. Read on for a few hottest cover-up swimsuits from


1. Black Halter Cover-up Swimwear

Black Halter Cover-up Swimwear

We're sure you know black is super trendy and flattering to all kinds of body types, and it also carry over to swimwear. Just like the one above, it consists of halter cover-up and low rise bottom. As an added bonus, wearing a black swimsuit will instantly make you fashion-forward.


2. Blue Beach Cover-up Swimsuits

Blue Cover-up Swimsuits

Blue Beach Cover-up

Black and neutral-colored bathing suits are a classic, but look for a colorful swimwear — like the blue or pattern ones if you want to make a bold statement. You can rest assured these cover-ups are properly lined by nylon and spandex fabric, making them perfect for swimming and other summertime activities.


3. Orange Cover-up Bathing Suits

Orange Beach Cover-up

Orange Cover-up Bathing Suit

If you like your skin look bronzed with no spray tan needed, look no further than these orange cover-up bathing suits. The bright color is popular in summer, especially with this season's swimsuit offerings. Wear bathing suits that have low-waisted bottoms or bikini for a ultra-sexy vibe.


Beach Party Starts!

Beach Party Starts

Kindly remind you that Swimsuits are now on sale at DressilyMe. We're offering

US $15 off with $99 swimwear purchase

US $5 off with $49 swimwear purchase

The sale will be only valid till April. 30 , so never miss it out!

And be sure to use coupon code BEACHPARTY when you place order!


What Do You Think?

What Do you think of these beach cover-ups? Which one would you rock this summer? Will you be wearing a orange cover-up this year? Let us know your idea by leaving a comment below!

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Let's Go to Party - DressilyMe Prom Essentials Sales

Lets Go to Party

As we know, the prom price tag is up significantly each year. According to Visa Inc's third annual survey in 2013, the overall spending on U.S. prom events is forecast to rise a certain percentage. It means girls' wallet will be much lighter for this year's prom season. But never fear, is kicking things off today by offering the latest Prom Essentials Sales! So check out the comprehensive details below on how to save money.


1. Up to 30% Off New in Prom Dresses

Lets Go to Party-Prom Dresses

Range from hot sell to New Arrivals, we've selected more than 40 prom dresses that we know you're going to love for your prom events. The best part? They are up to 30% off, which means you can simply be a prom queen with only under 100 dollars.


2. Up to 30% Off Prom Shoes

Lets Go to Party-shoes

Oftentimes, picking the right prom shoes to wear with a dress can be tricky. With floor length dresses in particular, the flowy fabric matched with flat shoes can create a lack of fashion and height. However, the on-trend high heels give the outfit that much-needed structure, while maintaining a modern, feminine look.


3. Up to 50% Off Clutches

Lets Go to Party-CLUTCHES

Clutch is an incredible addition to your prom outfit. Although neutral, these embellished clutches are a nice contrast to bright hue dresses.


4. Up to 50% Off Jewelry

Lets Go to Party-jewelry

Accessories can be simple, but they can make an impact unexpectedly. Pick a piece of classic jewelry like pearl earrings to complete the stylish vibe of your outfit, while a necklace adds more romantic touch to your strapless dress.


5. Up to 30% Boleros

Lets Go to Party-BOLEROS

Weather in spring can be unstable, a bolero or wrap might help. Not only can it provide warm, but it also add your dress more glamour.


How Long Will the Sale Last?

The Prom Essentials Sale starts today, April 25th and ends Thursday, May 9th, totally last for 15 days. So catch time to grab a big save!


What Do You Think?

So which sale is the more attractive to you? Hope everyone enjoy this sale and have a happy shopping!

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DressilyMe Real Customer Review: Andrea's Custom-made Wedding Dress

Many thanks to Andrea, a bride from West Palm Beach, Florida for taking the time to write threads of her DressilyMe shopping experience with brides on Weddingbee. We're so excited that she was satisfied with her custom-made wedding dress and we're also happy to receive her opinions and suggestions. Below let's take a look at what she said and how she looked.


Andrea's Review for Her Custom-made Wedding Dress

Here she is!


Andreas Custom-made Wedding Dress-1

Hi girls.. in case anyone was following this thread, I just wanted to share an update and a pic of me in it!! I had my second fitting today, and well, the dress is now done and sitting waiting for me to get it a week before the wedding. The had to take in the sides and fit it around my chesticle area a bit more and she pressed it...... Sorry about the crappy cell phone pic.


I'm undecided on whether or not to wear crinoline. I'll bring it with me and try the dress on with it when I go get it... On and it's bustled in this pic. The one beneath it is pre bustled with them trying to find the hookie things but you get an idea of how long the train is.


Andreas Custom-made Wedding Dress-2

Andreas Custom-made Wedding Dress-3
Here I was today all jacked up (no makup, hair not done) with crinoline..


Andreas Custom-made Wedding Dress-4

Ah yes, decisions, decisions. I think at this point, it's subjective either way...


I decided in the end to do the crinny, as I felt the dress needed it to keep its form. After the wedding, I would highly recommend Dressilyme either adds more boning than their standard, or puts in a higher quality boning because my dress started buckling after a short time and I wasn't happy with that.


And for what it's worth, the wedding was awesome! It went so fast. Here's a non-pro pic (ok, so I have no idea what I was looking at, lol)


Andreas Custom-made Wedding Dress-5

It's not like the dress didn't hold up well. It held up great. Also keep in mind that my chest is very large, and I believe that extra boning and/or better quality boning would have held it up better... I wouldn't let that deter me from purchasing from Dressilyme; but I would have them address this issue. They made me a beautiful gown and I have no regrets.


Andreas Custom-made Wedding Dress-6

Here's another angle... (and my son's body, ha)
Andreas Custom-made Wedding Dress-7


What Do You Think?


How do you think of the replica wedding dress? If you're in the hope of wearing a unique custom made wedding dress on your big day. Just send your detailed requirements for the dress together with pictures to and we'll be able to make your dream come true. Also, remember to leave a comment to let us know what you think!

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DressilyMe Fabulous Find: Chiffon One Shoulder Prom Dress

Chiffon dresses seem to be popping up in stores everywhere lately just because the hot summer is around the corner. So for today's post, we picked a stylish and flattering piece that incorporates this popular fabric. It's a chiffon one shoulder prom dress that was highly praised by our customers. Why? Read on to take a look at it as well as some true reviews from Pernille Thornhal Jensen and Rissa.


The Chiffon One Shoulder Prom Dress

Chiffon One Shoulder Prom Dress Front

Chiffon One Shoulder Prom Dress Back
Featuring a one shoulder strip adorned with handwork flowers, this elegant dress is made of chiffon. The overall look in is chic, super polished and since it's completed in floor length - a perfect option for your event! Plus, the price tag of US $110.9 is quite a steal.


Customer Reviews for the Chiffon One Shoulder Prom Dress

Review #1: By Pernille Thornhal Jensen

Pernille Thornhal Jensens dress

i ordered this dress from dressilyme some time ago, and is was perfect :-)

Review #2: By Rissa

Rissas Dress

I absolutely love this dress! The customer service was excellent and helped make this dress in time for my event! The color and fit are great! This is the second time I have ordered a dress from Dressilyme and I have not been disappointed yet!


What Do You Think?

What do you think of this DressilyMe Fabulous Find? Do you think the above ladies look beautiful in this dress? Remember to leave a comment!

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5 Interesting Facts You Probably Don't Know about Wedding

Here at, we know that wedding plan is a labor of love, but it can get a little hectic sometimes. With the approaching of the big day, there must be tons of things on your mind: wedding dress, wedding theme, the banquet and gifts to the guest!

Well, while you need a breather, just have a look at the below interesting wedding facts you probably didn't know.


Five Interesting Wedding Facts

1. Over 2 million wedding dresses in demand in USA each year


Do you know that there are over 2 million wedding dresses in demand in the United States each year? Mostly the brides would purchase a brand-new while part of brides would wear a rental dress.


2. Approximately 1 in 6 couples who are engaged or married met online

Social Network

This could be unbelievable in twenty years ago. Who can foresee the power of social network right now? And even, there are some couples who propose and exchange their vows via Facebook or Twitter.


3. Most couples will spend about a year and a half on planning their wedding

Wedding Plan

At least this amount of time will allow you to change any of the plan or procrastinate.


4. Summer and September are the most popular wedding months

Summer Wedding Party

Although spring is season of love, summer happens to have two of the most popular wedding months: June and September. This is why you can save money if you book your wedding dress and venues at a different time of year. Vendors are willing to give discounts during their slower times of year.


5. The average number of guests at a wedding ceremony was 138

Wedding Guests

In 2011, the average number of guests at a wedding ceremony was 138. This is definitely not an intimate gathering, but it’s also not completely over the top. Imagine having to plan for 1,900 guests, which was the number in attendance at the royal wedding of William and Kate.


What Do You Think?

How do you think of these wedding facts? Are you also looking for a wedding dress? Hopefully you'll be eased on your wedding plan and share with us if you have any other thing interesting.

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DressilyMe Real Customer Review: Lilyflower's Ruffled Wedding Dress

Many thanks to Lilyflower for taking the time to share her shopping experience with DressilyMe on Weddingbee! The ruffle wedding dress she ordered is so fantastic that I personally love it so much. Intrigued? Just read on to check the bride's comment and pictures of her wearing effect.


Lilyflower's Experience for her DressilyMe Ruffled Wedding Dress

Hi, So I ordered a dress off dressily me about a month and a few weeks ago. Within 2 weeks they had sent me pictures. I couldn’t believe how fast they made it. I loved the top but the bottom just didn’t seem right. I asked them to do a few modifications on it.

My original post is here:

Well, they were closed for their Chinese new year for almost a month. But it was worth the wait. Here are the updates on the dress! I think they did a great job for a dress that only cost around $300!! I will post more photos when the dress gets here of the fit & me in it when it gets here :)

(The color is the same, the lighting is just different)

What do you think of it for a dress that only cost 300$?
Lilyflowers Ruffled Wedding Dress Sidebyside

Lilyflowers Ruffled Wedding Dress Front

Lilyflowers Ruffled Wedding Dress Back

The only thing im not a HUGE fan of is the back, but then again it is on a dummy, im sure it will look better on a real person. I still think its pretty.
a href="" target="_blank">Lilyflower’s Ruffled Wedding Dress

Me with the dress on.. :D . I plan on getting a sparkly sash ( this is just a random belt I have). It's not done up all the way completely either. I love it. I want to wear it all the time. haha


The Ruffled Wedding Dress

The Ruffled Wedding Dress-STYLE NO-WWD008HS

This ruffled wedding dress (STYLE NO.WWD008HS ) features a fitted mermaid silhouette. The upper bodice is made of organza satin and the lining is satin, while the fishtail skirt is created from organza satin and stabilized tricot.


What Do You Think?

Do you like ruffles on the wedding dress? How do you think of Lilyflower's idea on adding a sparkly sash on this dress? As always, let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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Swimwear Are on Sale Right Now at

Beach Party Starts

Spring has sprung while hot days are around the corner, and you know what that means: it's time to shop for a perfect bathing suit and enjoy the sunny beach.

For giving you a big save, has the following offer:

Beach Party Starts!

US $15 off with $99 swimwear purchase

US $5 off with $49 swimwear purchase

Period of Validity :04.16-04.30

Use coupon code BEACHPARTY when you place order!


Hope you grils enjoy the Swimwear Sale and have a happy shopping!

Would You Wear a Sheer Prom Dress

Sheer Fashion Trend

Here at, we've been obsessed with getting a look vibrant and flowy in time for the warmer weather. And lately, lingerie-inspired dresses are all the rage. Many designers featured sheer and see-through fabrics in their collections for this spring. It's all about loose, breezy and refreshing without sacrificing looking cheap. So for today's post, we'll be showing you some sheer prom dresses that has officially hit the mainstream. Just scroll on down to view them all.


1. Side Sheer Prom Dress

Side Sheer Prom Dress

This modern gown is perfect for the girl who's ready to stand out! This one-shoulder gown features beadings details, a peek-a-boo back cut-out, and a dramatic side slit with sheer tulle overlay. It's a perfect occasion wear for actually any season, no matter what weather is like, you may certainly incorporate this into your wardrobe.


2. High-low Sheer Prom Dress

High-low Sheer Prom Dress

Different from the first one, this sheer prom dress comes with a high-low style. The strapless bodice has sparkling rhinestones and beadings at the sweetheart neckline. A ruched bodice with embellishment leads to a sheer, full-length overskirt completing this stunning look.


3. Slit Sheer Prom Dress

Slit Sheer Prom Dress

The dress will be perfect for homecoming or other formal events. It features a one shoulder neckline, beaded embellishment and mini with sheer floor length overlay. The chiffon material makes it a wearable and flattering option in hot days.


4. Sheer Short Prom Dress

Sheer Short Prom Dress

The sheer and see-through fabrics are also fabulous incorporated into this short dress! It has an asymmetrical bodice which is covered by a single illusion long sleeve. The fitted bodice is adorned with beadings and rhinestones while ruches and a sheer cutout at the waist create curves and enhance your figure. A glamorous drape at the side completes this amazing style.


What Do You Think?

New In Prom Dresses-1

Would you wear a sheer prom dress? Have you already owned a piece for this spring? Which one above is your favorite? Share your fashion insight with us in the comment.

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The Precious Touch of Crystal Wedding Jewelry

Crystal Wedding Earrings

It's no secret that every girl loves wearing precious gemstones especially at the wedding. While diamonds are the best friend, they comes with such an expensive price that are unaffordable to many brides. Instead, a piece of crystal wedding jewelry may be a fancy alternative, the best part? It's with super budget-friendly cost. Here at, we’ve picked out some styles that you’re going to love. Read on to check them out!


Heart Shape Crystal Necklace

Heart Shape Crystal Necklace

A heart design crystal necklace is one of the most fancy styles hence one sweet look. This wedding jewelry is more than what you want. The light red is so fabulous to match your bridal outfit. It brings you a unique bridal experience and a special occasion. It’s also available in blue.


Crystal Wedding Set

Crystal Wedding Set

How flattering would be for you to wear this set of wedding gajewelry! A crystal necklace with small flower shape is the top part, while the earrings covers your ear hole in an adorably way. No matter how heavy the earrings will be for you, it won’t be visible that elongated hole so unaesthetic.


Crystal Wedding Tiara

Crystal Wedding Tiara-1

Dreaming to have a princess wedding? Except for a luxury princess wedding dress, you’ll be in need of a crystal wedding tiara. This sparkly jewelry continues with all manmade diamonds with crystal. The sophisticated creation makes it so precious. And the round faces brides are surely pleased about this style.
Crystal Wedding Tiara-2
This crystal tiara comes with a different style by giving off a more dramatic vibe for a wedding look. The intricate design not only boosts the bridal beaut but also makes it of a formal style for brides.


What Do You Think?


Are you planning of a princess wedding? How do you think of crystal wedding jewelry? Which style do you prefer to wear? Leave a comment and let us know!

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DressilyMe Fabulous Find: Ready-to-ship One Shoulder Prom Dress

Here at, we have ready-to-ship items for customers who'd like to receive what they need in a rapid time. So for today's post, we found a ready-to-ship one shoulder prom dress. Since it has a one shoulder neckline, this dress gives off an elegant, yet fashion-forward way to rock a prom look. Plus, with a reasonable price tag of US $170.70, making it a flattering piece to many girls. Interested in what the dress looks like? Simply scroll on down to check it out together with real reviews from our customers!


The Ready-to-ship One Shoulder Prom Dress

Ready-to-ship One Shoulder Prom Dress - Front

Ready-to-ship One Shoulder Prom Dress - Back

This formal dress features beautiful one shoulder strap which is made of frill fabric. The exquisite beadings are regularly adorned on the waist, while the transparent tulle at the back always full of beadwork decoration shows off the sexy back.


Real Reviews on The Ready-to-ship One Shoulder Prom Dress

Review #1: By donskie

Donskies Dress

i ordered mine a month ago- its exactly the same with the picture it will depend on your body type though- this dress is really gorgeous.

Review #2:By Rissa_220

Rissa_220s Dress

Loved this dress! It was beautiful and fit perfectly! I received so many compliments!


What Do You Think?

New In Prom Dresses

What do you think of this ready-to-ship prom dress? Do you think it's perfect for a formal occasion? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know!

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Fashion Inspired by Coach's Annual Party: 3 Cocktail Dresses

Coach Anuual Cocktial Party

If you are a fan of celebrity fashion, you might have seen the news about Coach's annual party which was held on last night in Santa Monica, CA. As always, many stars came out to the event to benefit the Children's Defense Fund. While all the celebrities are definitely amazing, I can't help but be inspired by their eye-popping look. With a few key garden cocktail dresses, you, too can translate their outfit idea into some budget-friendly look.


Sheer Neckline Blue Cocktail Dress

Sheer Neckline Blue Cocktail Dress

Jurnee Smollett was attractive by wearing a blue dress with a dotted sheer overlay. She just proved that you can maintain a lady-like demeanor while still showing a little skin. Snag her subtle style with a teal blue cocktail dress. It features a one-shoulder sheer neckline, the see-through top and gathering throughout the dress make it a hot garden frock. No matter what kind of cocktail party you're in today, you can rock a downtown vibe with this dress.


Color-Blocking Cocktail Dress

Black and White Cocktail Dress

Sophia Bush looked also fabulous in a color-blocking direction with a white top and sky blue bottom. Plus, the purple pumps and magenta bag also worked together because they're generally in the same color family. More than contrasting, we, however pick a black and white cocktail dress to rock the hot spring trend. It features the white top with the floral details around the collar and a black stretch satin skirt. This look not only works at cocktail but it's also a perfect office lady outfit.


A-line Garden Cocktail Dress

A-line Garden Cocktail Dress

Got an hourglass figure like Ariel Winter's? Make your waist look itty-bitty with an A-line cocktail dress. It features sweetheart neckline, empire waist short skirt. The inner layer is made of stretch satin, while the outer layer is net. The bodice of the gown decorated with beadings and manmade diamonds. I love the color for a soft and flirty feel.


What Do You think?

New In Prom Dresses

Are you a fan of celebrity fashion? Would you wear any of the looks above? Which garden cocktail dress is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Hot Picks for 2013 Spring Fashion Wigs

2013 Spring Fashion Wigs

Here at, we must say we're looking forward to spring for many reasons. Of course the refreshing bright dresses and we can finally wear our favorite sandals, but what I love is how spring brings renewal and rebirth. When it comes to hair trends for spring, there are so many awesome styles out there and below are just a few. Read on for our favorite picks for fashion wigs this season.


Short Curly Wig

Short Curly Wig

We love the lighter and short curly transition from bold and long. This short curly wig works well for girls who have pointed, angular facial features. If you have a slim and long face, a short bob can add width to your face. Long hair can drag down your face, so opting for a shorter hairstyle especially with bangs can bring the focus back to the best features on your face!


Undone Style Wavy Long Wig

Undone Style Wavy Long Wig

I always take note of what I’ve read in some hair blogs, especially for focus on celebrities or looks in runway shows. And I found hair was looking undone this season? This applies perfect to wavy long wigs, especially when it comes to 100% human hair. This trend is being used more frequently by girls who want their hair to look more romantic and ethereal. It’s kind of dreamy, natural and a bit free.


Multiple Layered Long Wig

Multiple Layered Long Wig

In this season, I feel like some people tend to refer to textured, curly hair as multiple layered and I’m growing fond of the look Rock N Roll multiple layered long wigs. Although you may feel they sound harder, edgier. What do you think?


Side Parted Straight Wig

Side Parted Straight Wig

At the 2013 runway, the models worked the catwalk with hair parted side straight. But it wasn’t just any part made with a simple tail comb. This side parted straight wig is the kind of part that makes the eyes look alluring and seductive. No doubt a great night out look!


What Do You Think?

Human Hair Wigs

What are your favorite hairstyles? How do you think of our top picks for fashion wigs? In my opinion, no matter which one you choose, each of these hairstyles shows personality. Remember to let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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DressilyMe Real Customer Review: Purple Possum's Custom Tailored Wedding Dress

Every week, we post the Real Customer Review to offer inspiration for you to create your own bridal look and help you evaluate our product and website. This week, we'd like to share a comment from Purple Possum- a DressilyMe bride from Seattle, USA. Thanks to her for taking time to share her experience and pictures of the custom tailored wedding dress on Weddingbee. Just scroll on down to see what she said and how she look.


Purple Possum's Review and Pictures for Her Custom Tailored Wedding Dress

I just got my dress last night and it's amazing! It fits wonderfully and the quali1ty is great. I wanted a dress for the day before the wedding when we were running last minute errands. Here's the dress I asked them to replicate:
Purple Possums Dress

The only things I wanted them to change was to add organza to the skirt and remove the beading at the top.


And here's the dress I got!


Purple Possums Dress-1
Purple Possums Dress-2

Purple Possums Dress-3
Purple Possums Dress-4

They added lace where the beading was taken off which was a really nice touch! I was hoping it would be poofy and it was, I love how full the skirt is : )


How Do You Think of Custom Tailored Wedding Dress?

How do you think of the replica wedding dress? Would you wear a custom tailored wedding dress? Here at, we typically provide custom made services for brides who would like to wear something unique or special on their big day. Just send your detailed requirements for the dress together with pictures to and our customer service specialist will be honored to serve you promptly.

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Top Three Trends for Switching Your Wardrobe to Spring

2012 Runway Coverage

Here at, we know switching your wardrobe to transition to spring, or any season can be challenging, especially with shaking up temperatures. No idea what to wear for everyday? Never fear, we're here to help you select some killer trends from the spring 2013 runway coverage for this sun-soaked season. While there are quite a ton of selections, here’s our take on the Tops 3 Trends for Switching Your Wardrobe to Spring.



Striped Body-con Dress

Striped Body-con Dress

These days, stripes, checkers, polka dots, nothing exactly new here. But, the runways offered plenty of new spins. Many designers like Marc Jacob and Tommy Hilfiger all showed their obsession with this specific trend in their collections. They present one of the easiest ways to add a graphic, stark amount of pop to your repertoire. Personally, I'm huge fan of the striped body-con dress. It can show off the fabulous figure effectively and look fashion-forward.


Striped Swimsuit

Striped One-piece Swimsuit

But if you aren't a fan of this form-fitting fashion but still looking to keep up with stripes, go for anything that you would like to try. As a matter of fact, this is one trend you can easily incorporate into your look with little to no fuss as a striped bikini or shoes will do. For example, a striped one-piece swimsuit can be a great idea.


Floral Print Maxi Dress

Floral Print Maxi Dress

It’s no secret that everything involved flowers can be hot in spring. With the digital print buzz dying down comes a return to the idea of classic prints with new, dresses with flowers or floral print made for a refreshing and welcome signature on virtually every runway. I love the vivid floral prints maxi dress. A simple a-line style and full length of a dress got the message out loud and clears there. Plus, the springtime color makes the idea of going floral look in an unexpected way.


Black and White

Black and White Short Dress

After seasons of non-stop saturated color ruling the runways, black made make a return on fashion. But an everyday black tank dress won’t keep you on trend this time season as the call is for fashions that are informed. The black and white outfit however, is able to look surprises. The key to making the hue work for you at any age is to look for simple and classic silhouettes. Basically anything but polished, these black and white dresses could work.


What Do You Think?

What are your favorite trends from the 2013 runways? What are your must-have spring pieces? Would you wear a floral print dress? Leave me any ideas or suggestions in the comments below!

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Wedding On a Budget: Spring Vintage Bridal Dresses for Under 200 Dollars

Spring Vintage Bridal Dresses

Spring 2013 is in full swing and this blossom spring, wedding fashion is all about romantic, vibrant and vintage luxury. While we know that a vintage wedding dress may cost the earth, it doesn't mean to say your dress has to look budget. Instead, here at, we believe that there are beautiful dresses that can pay-off to look outside of the more standard bridal choice. Here are some spring vintage bridal dresses we have stumbled across that are super cost-effect, only under 200 dollars.


Spring Vintage Bridal Dress #1 US $199.99

Spring Vintage Bridal Dress #1

Oftentimes, mermaid wedding dress could catch everyone’s attention only because of its dramatic silhouette. For this dress, the unique asymmetrical ruche gives the mermaid gown a form fitting, yet flowing look. The delicate belt at the waistline gives just enough of an accent of beadings to give the gown an understated elegance.


Spring Vintage Bridal Dress #2 US $196.99

Spring Vintage Bridal Dress #2

It's no secret that many brides love ball gown dress for its classic and formal style. Featuring a strapless slightly scoop neckline, the wedding dress has a fitted bodice with ruched waist and full skirt. The full bust and the jacket are made from over lace, while skirt is created in organza satin. Plus, the keyhole back can make a big statement.


Spring Vintage Bridal Dress #3 US $188.99

Spring Vintage Bridal Dress #3

If you have your heart set on a vintage style wedding, you'll love the cap sleeve! Timeless, gracious elegance, this full A-line chiffon overlay gown has strapless slightly scoop neckline, ruched bust, cap sleeves and natural waist. The waist is adorned with lace appliques, while the decorative buckle decorates the belt.


Spring Vintage Bridal Dress #4 US $188.99

Spring Vintage Bridal Dress #4

This vintage bridal gown is all about fit and femininity. Featuring the beautifully draped design, this A-line of chiffon dress has a sweetheart neckline, a flowy skirt, and a handmade flower which is placed at the satin sash of natural waist.


Spring Vintage Bridal Dress #5 US $171.99

Spring Vintage Bridal Dress #5

Bateau neckline can make a vintage dress more classic. Featuring a bateau neckline and tea-length fluffy skirt, this vintage dress is made from organza satin, while the bust fabric is lace and the sash and the lining are created in satin. It also has a sash decorated by a satin handmade flower.


What Do You Think?

Which spring vintage bridal dress is your favorite? Do you like wearing a tea-length to match this spring? Which other dresses do you think are perfect to wear this season? Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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Celebrity Prom Dresses for Less: Fashion Looks Inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow, Carrie Underwood and Olga Kurylenko

Gwyneth Paltrow Carrie Underwood and Olga Kurylenko

As we know, celebrity styles are a good source of fashion inspiration. While their looks can be pricy, here at, we get you covered with celebrity prom dresses which are very budget-friendly. Scroll on down to see how we recreate the looks of Gwyneth Paltrow, Carrie Underwood and Olga Kurylenko.


Gwyneth Paltrow's Purple Minidress

Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow was fabulous to show off her famously toned legs in a purple Victoria Beckham mini dress and color-blocked Michael Kors heels at the Tracy Anderson LA flagship opening. Her fashion sense has actually been my favorite. The dress styled her in an very chic way in springtime.


Get the Look

Purple Minidress

Gwyneth's look mixed short with elegance. The purple mini dress is a cool alternative to long frocks, while the bright hue high heels really stand out against the solid color of the outfit. Some pastel nail polish keeps with edgy vibe, while cute jewelry can add a bit of contrast.


Carrie Underwood's One Shoulder Couture Gown

Carrie Underwood

The 30-year-old singer Carrie Underwood looked stunning in a peach Oliver Tolentino Couture gown during performance on the American Idol Results Show on Thursday. She belts out her new single “See You Again". I love the color of her gown, so fashion-forward!


Get the Look

One Shoulder Couture Gown

A pastel orange one shoulder dress is a pretty piece that's not just for summer. In the spring, it looks great! The chiffon evening dress features one shoulder neckline like Carrie's, so it shows a bit of skin in a feminine way. While the waist is fitted with beadings, you just need to add some basic jewelry like dangling earrings and pumps.


Olga Kurylenko’s Green Dress

Olga Kurylenko

Actress Olga Kurylenko hit the Oblivion promo-tour circuit this week. Thanks to the svelte green Roland Mouret gown which was among her best looks. To polish off her stunning Dublin premiere look, she added a red lip and a textured black clutch.


Get the Look

Green Dress

Olga's look is about elegant and stylish. We choose a floor length prom dress in green to steal her look. Beadings accenting the single shoulder strap and neckline are sparkly. Pair a black clutch and some high heels and you can make a statement!


What Do You Think?

Do you like celebrity prom dresses? And which one is your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Outdoor Wedding Fashion: Rustic Country Bridesmaid Dresses

Rustic Country Bridesmaid Dresses

Down-to-earth, natural and outdoorsy but still sophisticated, a rustic country wedding is more than vintage and special compared with other weddings in spring. Because it's not too hot and humid outside, plus this season is all about green grass and beautiful flowers and the gorgeous neutrals of a rustic wedding palette always inspire me. When planning a rustic wedding you also have to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses. So today I'm going to put together what we think are some of the best rustic country bridesmaid dresses that will be rocking this year.


Earthy Rustic Bridesmaid Dresses in Green

Earthy Rustic Bridesmaid Dresses in Green

This color is the perfect fresh pastel shade of green. The chiffon fabric makes it more creamy and matte which leaves your bridesmaids looking plush and velvety. I love the color and handmade flowers while the v neck design make this dress distinguished. It's good for a wedding on farm or lakeside resort.


Rustic Country Bridesmaid Dress in Yellow

Rustic Country Bridesmaid Dress in Yellow

Though this color is called yellow, it’s definitely more of a maize color. Either way, though, it’s absolutely perfect for spring. I know sometimes yellow can feel tacky, but this isn't the case with this one, since its super nature halter finish with an empire waistline plays a starring role. It fits cowboy boot and it's perfect for wedding photography in a mountaintop lodge.


Long Rustic Bridesmaid Dress in Blue

Long Rustic Bridesmaid Dress in Blue

This is the recent hot color in fashion. I love this blue in particular because it's not a basic nude palette. The shade is a little more unexpected since it's extremely the type you can wear for any place outside. In addition, the A-line long gown plays nicely with most body types. The asymmetrical crepes on the whole flowing dress increase some elegant feeling.


Bright Country Bridesmaid Dress in Flame

Bright Country Bridesmaid Dress in Flame

The bright flame color is so pretty! It's typically versatile and not as bright as red so you can pretty much choose it for your bridesmaids. It's the type you can wear with basic boots or sandals, moreover, floral headpieces, natives, the old rustic charm and some pretty jewels. Absolutely appropriate for a cool brewery or a barnyard wedding!


Natural Rustic Bridesmaid Dress in Ivory and Green

Natural Rustic Bridesmaid Dress in Ivory and Green

This shade is a muted ivory and green color. It does start off pretty sheer, but you can easily build it up for a rustic wedding like a ranch or farm. I love the natural style that set out to capture the relaxed, rustic feeling of a countryside wedding.


DressilyMe Easter Sale for Spring Bridesmaid Dresses

Easter Sale 2013

DressilyMe is having an Easter Sale for our Bridesmaid Dresses and Occasion Dresses: Get 20% Off Each when you buy 3-5 pieces & 25% Off Each when you buy more than 5 pieces. This offer is from today through 4/8, just don't miss it out!


What Do You Think?

So do you like any of the rustic bridesmaid dresses in particular? Which shades have you been obsessed with? Remember to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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DressilyMe Real Customer Review: Rowdygirl99's Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress

Many thanks to Rowdygirl99, a bride from Fairbanks, Alaska for taking the time to share her DressilyMe shopping experience with all brides on Weddingbee! We're ecstatic to know that she's amazed at the quality of our tulle ballgown wedding dress, meanwhile, we're glad to receive her positive comment for our service. Without further ado, below let's take a look at her comments and pictures of her wearing effect.


Rowdygirl99's Review for Her Tulle Wedding Dress

Ok, here's the scoop. Dresilyme has been absolutley fantastic to work with. They are altering the neckline to make it a sweetheart, but it will not be as pronounced beacuse my boobs are too big (silly, don't they know that's a good thing, hehehe). They are adding some rhinestones to the detail they added on the bust to make it more closely match the detail on the waist. I should have pics tonight and will post. Thanks for all your input ladies!


Rowdygirl99s Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress-1

Rowdygirl99s Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress-2

Dressilyme was $300 cheaper for the exact same dress than jasmines. Believe me, I did my homework. I was actually so set on working with dressilyme that I changed my gown choice because they couldnt make the dress I wanted because of the skirting. See previous post here (dress 1). I am working with Paris and she is great. My dress was $235, with the custom size charge and I had them add a train for $100 so my total with shipping was like 390. They have been wonderful, and in less than a month my gown is almost ready!!

And by the way, dressily me was so wonderful to work with. Even with the 59 emails I sent them, they were always pleasant and didn't charge me a dime extra :)!

Rowdygirl99s Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress-3

Rowdygirl99s Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress-4

Rowdygirl99s Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress-5

Rowdygirl99s Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress-6

Rowdygirl99s Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress-7

So it didnt get here until yesterday, but it is PERFECT! The quaity is awesome, and it fits perfectly! I absolutly am amazed at they quality of my dress! It is fantastic! For the price ($275, and I had them add a train for $100) I don't think I could have gotten a better dress!


The Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress

The Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress

The Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress-Front

The Tulle Ballgown Wedding Dress-Back

The dress she ordered is a alteration version of our STYLE NO.WWD00Q5F in White. It features strapless a sweetheart neckline and fitted bodice. The waist is detailed with beadings and manmade diamonds.


What Do You Think?

Do you think the dress fits perfect on the bride? How do you think of the puffy ruffles? Would you wear a tulle ballgown wedding dress? As always, leave a comment to let us know what you think!

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5 Keyhole Spring Prom Dresses to Beat the Winter Blue

Keyhole Neckline

If you're as tired of the same old selection of strapless and V-necks as we are, this spring everyone is in for a nice surprise with the introduction of keyhole necklines. Featuring a central hole, this neckline is usually just below the collar bones. It's similar to halters, but the converging diagonal lines meet in front of neck. Actually, we didn’t think it could happen, but these keyhole neckline prom dresses are having a major resurgence right now. They're available in a wide variety of fabrics and colors although I've decided to go with the latest five picks for today's post. Scroll on down to check them out!


1. A-line Keyhole Prom Dress

A-line Keyhole Prom Dress

Fresh, modern and chic, this gorgeous A-line gown features an ornate beaded strap neckline and waist. The criss-cross straps in the back and a flowing full length skirt finish the look. It is perfect for prom, homecoming, pageants, a military ball or any other special event.


2. Mermaid Dress with Keyhole Neckline

Mermaid Dress with Keyhole Neckline

This chiffon dress has an eye-catching keyhole neckline which is full of beaded embellishment around. The beaded accent straps also complement the open back perfectly. It is form fitted with a nice small train.


3. Keyhole Prom Dress with Slit

Keyhole Prom Dress with Slit

Show off your curvy shape in this elegant formal dress. It makes a lasting impression with its beaded embellishment at the straps of the cut-out sections of the back. The skirt has a stunning front side split. Amazing for prom, homecoming, pageants or any special event!


4. Sheath Keyhole Prom Dress

Sheath Keyhole Prom Dress

The same style as the third one but in all black hue. This prom dress has a beaded accented cut-out back, while the neck will be bedazzled with a beaded necklace. The deeply split skirt drops off to a free-falling, floor-brushing full-length.


5. Keyhole Neckline Ball Gown

Keyhole Neckline Ball Gown

Charm and flair abound on this utterly captivating ball gown! Its finely detailed V-strap kicks things off on a snazzy note. The form-fitting bodice is punctuated by a teardrop keyhole. The high, fitted waistline gives way to a boldly flared skirt with a whisper-thin overlay.


DressilyMe Easter Sale for Spring Prom Dresses

Easter Sale 2013

Kindly remind you that DressilyMe is having an Easter Sale for our Bridesmaid Dresses and Occasion Dresses: Get 20% Off Each when you buy 3-5 pieces & 25% Off Each when you buy more than 5 pieces. This offer is from today through 4/8, just don't miss it out!


What Do You Think?

How do you think the keyhole spring prom dresses? Which one above is your favorite? Do you think it's perfect for spring? Let us know in the comment.

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Tips on Choosing a Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress

Mother of the bride is one of the important roles in a wedding. Whether she loves fashion or not, you certainly want her look an elegant way at the wedding. Last time we showed you some mostly wear colors for a mother of the bride dress (in case you missed it, read our previous post on here), and today we're giving you some other tips of do's and don'ts for choosing a perfect mother dress. Read on!


Do's and Don'ts for Choosing a Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress



Mother of the Bride Dress with Beading Rhinestones Lace Appliques Decoration

1. Take your age into account! Of course you should neither wear something that make you look too mature, but nor choose something that are like she's 21. Choose dresses designed for women 30 years old and up, and don’t be afraid to veto a choice that is not age appropriate.

Mother of the Bride Dress with a Jacket

2. Choose a dress with jacket or bolero to avoid too much exposure for the dress. This detail will make the mother feel at her ease, and at the same time, appropriate for the wedding.

Lace Mother of the Bride Dress

3. Pick an appropriate palette. Typically the bride would like her mom or MOG to wear a specific color, or color within a palette for the wedding party or wedding theme.



Knee Length Mother of the Bride Dress

1. Reveal too much. Wedding is meant to be a sacred and classy occasion, no bride wants everyone talking about the sexy or exposed dress her mom (or groom’s mom) wore down the aisle. To make sure this doesn’t happen, avoid choosing a low cut necklines, slinky fabrics, and very short hemlines for the moms in the wedding.

Full Length Ruched Mother of the Bride Dress

2. Poorly tailoring train. A mom walking the aisle in a poorly tailored dress looks sloppy, and can ruin an otherwise elegant wedding ceremony.

3. Over accessorize! It's true that mother should look elegant, but never upstage the bride. It's the big day of your daughter or daughter in law, the bridal-esque accessories should be left for the bride!


Up to 30% Off Mother Dresses at

Mother of the Bride Dresses Sale

DressilyMe has kicked things off today by offering Up to 30% Off nearly 50 Mother of the Bride Dresses. This sale begins today April 1st and ends on April 11th, go and pick one to present your love to mom!


What Do You Think?

How do you think of our tips on choosing a perfect mother of the bride dress? Do you think they are useful? Do you have any other good tips? Leave a comment and let us know!

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DressilyMe Fabulous Find: Taffeta Mermaid Prom Dress

Welcome to DressilyMe Fabulous Find from where we share some perfect dresses that are not only very stylish but also strongly recommended by our customers. Take one of a stunning taffeta mermaid dress for instance - it's a perfect prom wear for its warm rich color, sparkly beaddings and sophisticated tailoring. While for the price, it's also very budget-budget under 200 dollars (only US $153.63). Ready to see what the dress looks like? Scroll on down to check it out as well as some true reviews from our girls.


The Stunning Taffeta Strapless Ball Gown

Taffeta Mermaid Prom Dress

This brilliant dress is made of taffeta, featuring one strapless neckline and ruched mermaid skirt. The beautiful beadings adorn the dress, and the beautiful pleats add much elegance to this dress.


Haley's Review on the Dress

Haleys Prom Dress-1

Haleys Prom Dress-2
I got this dress for my boyfriends senior prom. I was so worried that I wouldn't like it but when I finally got it and put it on, I fell in love. I plan on getting a dress from this website again for next year.


C. Cochrane's Review on the Dress

C Cochranes Prom Dress-1

C Cochranes Prom Dress-2

I was a bit worried how the dress would look because it was the first time I ordered from this site. I ordered two dresses on March 16, 2012 for my twin daughter's prom and this is one of the dresses. I was extremely pleased when I received the dresses on May 5. They came by federal express because I paid for express shipping to Atlanta. I am truly impressed and I am very picky. So, I would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you. The event is April 13 and I will post the picture after that date.

Correction on the review I did earlier. The arrival date was April 5 I was a bit worried how the dress would look because it was the first time I ordered from this site. I ordered two dresses on March 16, 2012 for my twin daughter's prom and this is one of the dresses. I was extremely pleased when I received the dresses on April 5. They came by federal express because I paid for express shipping to Atlanta. I am truly impressed and I am very picky. So, I would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you. The event is April 13 and I will post the picture after that date.


What Do You Think?

What do you think of this DressilyMe Fabulous Find? Would you wear this mermaid prom dress? Leave what you think in the comment section!

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