How to Choose Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaids are supposed a non-negotiable wedding staple. They are not only the members of the bride's party in the wedding, but they also make the bride stand out! They are functional, meaningful, assist the bride to complement her features. While there are a ton of bridesmaid dresses to choose from, not all styles will work with all maids.

Tips for Choosing Flattering Bridesmaid Dresses

Here at, we show you a handy guide to get you started towards finding flattering bridesmaid dresses, from the right color to the perfect style for your maids.

  •  Choose appropriate styles that flatter every body shape of your bridesmaids, such as, the A-line bridesmaid dresses which seem to be the most flattering on most body types from tiny, medium and plus size.
  • Choose something that makes your bridesmaids feel comfortable. You would not want your friends wear something they don't like. Look for bridesmaid dresses that let your maids look elegant while remaining part of a gorgeous, cohesive group. Instead of "matching", think "complementing"!
  • Select a color that makes your wedding dress stand out and allow them to choose a shade or tone they like. Say you are planning a beach or special wedding: some could wear pink, others blue, others yellow, and others pale green. Or you could ask they all wear whichever color you like. You can also find some wonderful examples and photos online or from magazines.
  • Make sure the bridesmaid dresses are appropriate for your wedding type. Because a morning or mid-afternoon wedding has a different level of formality than an evening wedding, it may require a different length or style for the dresses.
  • Do not be afraid to choose diverse piece in the same color. It is no wonder that mix-and-match style bridesmaids’ dresses have become so popular, brides are more likely to explore new trends and break tradition, making this a spectacular option. You could, for example, select a strapless dress for one bridesmaid, while the other wears a V-neck or sweetheart in a coordinating color.

Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses at

There are tons of discount bridesmaid dresses at And you may even find bridesmaid dresses under 90 dollars that you will be sure to get a big save!

Stunning Chiffon A-line One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress


Elegant Chiffon Sweetheart Beaded Bridesmaid Dress


Elegant Chiffon Halter Crepes Empire Tea-length Bridesmaid Dress


Elegant Satin Chiffon Empire Strapless Sweetheart Blue Long Bridesmaid Dress


Stunning Chiffon Sheath One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress


What Do You Think?

Did you find this post helpful? What do your favorite bridesmaid dresses look like? Let us know in the comment section!

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A Brief Look into Top 3 Bridal High Heel Trends

Bridal High Heels

Summer has sprung, and as much as brides are excited about the sunnier and fabulous wedding day, is equally as pumped to tell you about all the hot new summer trends. Last time we showed you the hottest 2 in 1 Wedding Dress and now we are giving you the scoop on this summer's best bridal high heels. Read on and take a brief look into the top 3 trends this season..


Platform Wedding Shoes

Platform Wedding Shoes

Sky high heels have been big for a few seasons now, and platform wedding shoes have been really hitting the bridal mainstream. They are such a great shoe for evening making your legs look spectacular! Although they were the footwear of choice in the 1970′s, they have remained a popular shoe style ever since. Whether they’re trendiest platform heels with tons or simple pumps with a major wedge heel, height is in and it is here to stay. Aside from the fact that they make you taller, platforms offer another benefit: they are often more comfortable than traditional high heels. One tip for choosing platform wedding shoes is: make sure the shoes are not too small or too big, no matter how cute they are, if they are not the right size, you will only hurt yourself in the end!


Sparkling Wedding Pumps

Sparkling Wedding Pumps

Party seasons have come and gone, but the shimmer remains. Sparkling pumps were seen everywhere at the party and they happen to be one red carpet trend that is also incredibly wearable for brides on their big day. Probably your inboxes are bursting with more options for wedding shoes, however, I think sparkly pumps can still find space in your closets. As you tend to reach your shiny pumps on nights out, but how amazing would it be to wear sparkly heels on your wedding day? Any shiny tone is up for grabs: We are talking silver, gold, rose gold, gunmetal, etc.


Sophisticated Bridal High Heels

Sophisticated Bridal High Heels

Summer is the best time to tie the knot and have fun with your footwear and rock something polished and eye-catching. Vibrant fabric or decorations of lace, bows, flowers, rivets and diamonds are splashed across all the best shoes this season. They’re a great way to add details to your wedding outfit without giving up your other basics. You could also go for a bright bridal high heel, the perfect accent to your wedding dress or little black dress.


What Do You Think?

What do you think of these wedding shoes? Are you a fan of the platform heels, or are sparkly styles more your favorites? Which ones do you like best? Be sure to have a comment and let us know!

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