Find Budget Prom Dresses to Get Into Valentine's Day Spirit


Valentine's Day is less than a month from today. Yes, it is a day to give your heart to a special someone, but it is also a day to treat yourself to chocolatey treats. Whether you love it or loathe it, Valentine's Day is a great day to rock a stylish new outfit. So here are few of ideas of budget-friendly prom dresses at to wear this Valentine's Day, scroll down to view them all.


red dress

Fancy Red Prom Dresses for Night Out

Definitely, Valentine's Day is everything about red and hearts. So there is nothing better than picking out a vibrant red prom dresses on this day. Paired with sexy pumps, glittery heart jewelry as well as a red hue clutch. The look is perfect for dating out and having dinner at a nice restaurant or attending an equally glamorous event. Besides, it is effortlessly to get into the day by tell your somebody how much he means to you.



Sweetheart Prom Dress for a Hot Date

Next to red hue, heart shape is adorable to wear on this day especially you are going for a hot date. Bring the fire with a flirty sweetheart prom dress in a shape which is totally figure-flattering, giving off a va-va-voom vibe. To go with this adorable dress, a dainty lovely necklace is suitable, while sparkly heart earrings is a festive accessory will create a romantic vibe. The look will absolutely be eye-catching, but who doesn't want to look overly feminine or sweet.


purple dress

Subtle Purple Prom Dress for Celebrating with Girlfriends

Here at, we believe you do not need a reason to dress up, but Valentine's Day makes for a wonderful excuse to wear something fabulous. So it is fun to gather with girlfriends to try on clothes, do makeups and toast to being single and fabulous. Instead of rocking the color of red, a subtle purple prom dress sounds great to create a chic look. Red dresses are so common for Valentine's Day, why not try another one? Accessorize with some glamorous jewelry such as gold bangles or clutch to embrace the ultra-feminine V-day spirit.


What is Your Look for this Valentine's Day?

Do you like the above budget prom dresses at What are you going to wear on Valentine’s Day? Will you wear red and get into the spirit or ignore the holiday completely? Do you have special plans for Valentine’s Day? Tell us your plans for Valentine's Day in the comments!

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Prom Dresses 2012 Trends from the Golden Globes Red Carpet

As one of the 2012 major red carpet events, the 69th Golden Globe Awards definitely had a good beginning. From hairstyles to beauty makeup to various styles of jewelry, all celebrities were so glammed up. But what was the most impressed? Of course--the prom dresses that made stars stepping up the red carpet. Inspired by this great event, here would like to show you some prom dresses trends in 2012.


mermaid dresses

Mermaid Prom Dresses

Unlike A-line prom dress and ball gowns, fishtail or mermaid prom dresses are a classic way for ladies to highlight a feminine silhouette and show off enviable curves. Obviously, they have been almost ubiquitous on the Golden Globes red carpet. Actress like Paula Patton, Kate Beckinsale, Rooney Mara, Elle Macpherson, Reese Witherspoon and Tilda Swinton all looked fabulous on mermaid dresses.



Nude Hues Prom Dresses

Back to the 2010 color spectrum, nude shade was a big trend while soft nude hues have been an A-list favorite all the way through 2011 and into 2012 with no sign of stopping. From Jiuliana Rancic's nude high collar dress to Katherine Mcphee's strapless knee length mermaid dress to Jessica Biel's nude slit prom dress, quite a slew of celebrities seemed to be obsessed with this color on Golden Globes red capet.


Nude color

However, they worn this color in a totally different way. While last year's nude tones were accompanied by glitter and sparkle, prom dresses 2012's are a far more muted affair, coupled with statement jewels such as Heidi Klum's stylish blue necklace matching her neat nude dress, or the pretty capped sleeves dress worn by Julie Bowen, or a chunky gold bangle opted by Kristen Wiig to go with her backless nude dress.



Black and White Prom Dresses 2012

Black and white dress is a classic combo and it became firm favourites with the red carpet crowd this year. Claire Danes in J. Mendel, Best Actress-winning Kate Winslet all worked the trend to perfection. The interesting thing was that these actresses showed how to use it to their advantage. Kate wore black on top and white on bottom to minimize her bust while Clair threw in a backless black prom dress to show her curve. They really combined the two colors to have a monochrome moment at the awards ceremony.


What Do You Think?

How do you think of the above prom dresses trends at Did you watch tht Golden Globes? Who do you think is the best-dresses? Be sure to leave your comment and tell us your opinion!

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Cinderella Wedding Dresses & Tips for Creating a Fairytale Wedding

When most of us think Classic Disney Princess, Cinderella is one of the first that comes to mind. She has a perfect fairy tale, a romantic love story and what is more, a gorgeous wedding dress that every bride wishes to wear on her big day. If you are one of these brides-to-be desire to have a fairytale wedding, read on to find things about Cinderella wedding dresses and tips to help you create your Cinderella wedding.


cinderella wedding dress

Cinderella Wedding Dresses

Also known as princess wedding dress, Cinderella wedding dress seems simple, but full of elegance. It has a fitted bodice with an empire waist and a long, full, classic big bell-like skirt that makes you appear to float when you walk. They are commonly strapless or have sleeves that sit off the shoulder. Mostly, this style of ball gowns is made of silk, organza, tulle or a combination of these fabrics. Classic Cinderella bridal gowns often have velvet or lace on the bodice while modern gowns add more sophisticated elements such as sequins or beadings.


sparkly shoes

Cinderella Wedding Accessories

Cinderella wedding dresses are not just about the dress. Cinderella wedding accessories are also essential. The significant Cinderella glass slippers are unforgettable. Of course, you will not wear the actual glass shoes. Instead, picking out a pair of white or ivory sparkly wedding shoes can be a smart choice. If that is not to your taste, another good option is simple white or silver ballet flats or pumps, possibly with a glittery. Secondly, crown your hair in an up-do and wear the glittering large earrings as well as the perfect wedding gloves! Plus, proper petticoat or crinoline will be needed to create a desired volume with your wedding dress.



Tips to Create Your Cinderella Wedding

Although you will be dressed like Cinderella, it does not mean that your nuptials have obtained the special glam. You will have to work more than that.
1. Make sure to add some elegant candelabras that would beautifully illuminate your wedding venue.

2. Choose your wedding cake in a romantic design with at least three tiers high and decorate with gum paste ribbons.

3. Leave your wedding in a horse drawn carriage.


What do you think?

Do you like the cinderella wedding dresses at Would you wear Cinderella wedding dress on your big day? Do you have any other tips to create a Cinderella Wedding? Be sure to leave your thoughts in a comment!

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3 Fantastic Looks Insipred by Taylor Swift Prom Dresses

Transformed from a cute next-door girl into one of the most stylish superstar on red carpet, Taylor Swift has definitely become a successful fashion icon. After covering many top magazines such as Glamour, Seventeen as well as Teen Vogue, the musical phenomenon is known not only for her music but also for her unique sense of style. For this post, we would like to show you some of the best prom dresses at inspired by her fantastic looks, scroll down to view them all.



Taylor Swift Sparkly Prom Dresses

A signature style could be defined by a piece of jewelry, a prom dress or a specific kind item you always wear. But what is Taylor Swift's signature style? Absolutely it is sparkles. Through her various looks from red carpet, there was nothing than sparkles made this musician a fashion topic.


sequin prom dress

To follow Taylor's glittering look, it is perfect to wear a sequined prom dress with a piece of jewelry. Of course, a pair of sparkly stilettos can add more glam to finish off the outfit.


speak now

High-low Prom Dresses Inspired by Speak Now

Speak Now is Taylor's third album and it reached a great success by selling over 20 million. Following Taylor's consistent romanticism and dreamy melody, the cover of this album showed nothing short of a pop masterpiece. Lovely and feminine!


high-low prom dress

To capture the cover look in this outfit, put on a sweetheart high-low prom dress with bow-embellished shoes. Wear with a piece of pretty bracelet and earrings to complete the ensemble.



Deep Purple One shoulder Prom Dresses Inspired by Wonderstruck

"Wonderstruck" is a delightful perfume released by Taylor Swift herself last year. The smell, the bottle as well as the gown she wore in the perfume advertisement are all fabulous.


deep puple prom dress

Inspired by the Wonderstruck bottle itself, it is great to wear a deep purple one-shoulder prom dress with sparkles. Slip on a pair of glitter pumps to add a feminine flair! Finally, wear a adorable necklace and gem stud earrings for a charming look!


What Do You Think?

What do you think of Taylor Swift’s style? Which look or prom dress at is your favorite? Would you wear any of the looks above? Let me know your thoughts and more. Just leave a comment below!

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Trendy DressilyMe Winter Boots for Any Budget

A pair of trendy boots is definitely one of an essential for every girl in winter. Due to the low -maintenance and quite a slew of styles, boots are always a popular choice for warming up and getting fashion forward. For this post, I will show you some of the best winter boots out there at that are also mostly budget-friendly as well as tips for wearing winter boots.


ankle boots

Short Boots & Ankle Boots

Ankle boots were extremely hot in 2011, and this trend shows a strong sign of continuing up. With slightly above ankle-height, this style offers wider range of designs than Knee-high boots. Although boots with embellishment such as fur and beading have been seen on celebrities and fashionistas alike, pieces like cowboy boots, flat, wedge and high-heeled ankle boots have become increasing popular. If you are looking to create a bold look or just want to add a little something extra to an everyday outfit, leopard print ankle boots can be the way to do it. With all-over heat of the animal print in this season, it is hard not to find a pair of leopard print boots that matches your personal aesthetic.


ankle boots look

How to Wear Ankle Boots

Whether you prefer flat or pumps, ankle boots are the kind of boots you want to show off. It is easy to make a stylish statement by tucking them into your favorite pair of jeans or pairing them with a dress. Sure, they are great option for practical daily wearing. While for fancier occasions, ultra high-heeled ankle boots are a stylish, overwhelming option. However, because of the small size, ankle boots can look awkward with full skirt or jeans. It is better to pair with leggings, skinny or short party dresses. They also look amazing when worn with tights.


over the knee boots

Over-the-Knee Boots

More sophisticated than ankle boots, over-the-knee boots are edgy to show off especially for ladies who have very slim and long legs. Because this style of boot provides some extra coverage and warmth, it is the perfect to try out in cold weather and they are totally wearable no matter your height.


thigh boots look

How to Wear Thigh-high Boots

To wear over-the-knee boots, it is better to keep the rest of your outfit simple since these boots are eye-catching. A cute short prom dress works perfectly with this style boots. Also, they can also look downright trendy when you pair with cigarette pants. For formal occasions, choose luxurious leather or suede boots and put on some simple accessories and you are ready to make a statement.


What Do You Think?

What do you think of the winter boots featured at Which style is your pick? Will you be wearing snow boots this season? Do you have any tips on how to wear boots? Let us know in the comment section.

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Perfect Winter Wedding Dresses to Warm Up and Make a Statement

winter wedding

Winter is here and as much as we may love it or hate it, it is time to bring out heavy pieces. While for girls who are walking down the aisle in this chilly season, wedding dress should be more than just a covered up piece. But is it possible for a dress to keep the bride warm and make a statement at the same time? YES! Want to know how? Read on to follow some perfect winter wedding dresses at to get inspiration plus some tips of do's and don'ts for your winter wedding look.



Asymmetrical Winter Wedding Dresses

Being popular for several years, asymmetrical design is still a hit in bridal fashion. Top designers such as Vera Wang, Mark Lesley all put obsession with asymmetrical wedding dresses in their bridal collections. One of the typical styles for this waistline design is layers. While layering is a great way to add details and warm for a winter wedding dress and get rid of the overly embellishments need for your ensemble, it is totally a sophisticated piece to wear in winter.


ballgown wedding dress

Ballgown Winter Wedding Dresses

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I indicated Ballgown Wedding Dresses will be one of the 2012 Trends. The full gown textures fabrics properly such as satin and organza which will make the bride look substantial as opposed to light and airy. This wedding dress bring refined splendor to winter wedding ceremony.


ruffled wedding dress

Ruffled Winter Wedding Dresses

With no doubt, ruffles have become the sought-after element for wedding dresses 2012. Creating dramatical effect with volume and femininity no matter being at the bodice or the skirt, ruffles just show in various ways and produce surprising vibe without exaggeratedly done. They have attracted designers and brides with its lovely unique beauty.



Tips for a Perfect Winter Wedding Look


1. Accessorize with gloves, scarves or shawls.

2. Wear beautiful jacket in a winter color like white, red or ivory.

3. Wear tights for warmth and for style.

4. Wear pumps with closed toes or boots to get rid of feet cold.



1. Wear sandals or open-toe flats.

2. Choose short wedding dress which is for other season.

3. Wear jeans or pants, unless they are dressy properly.


What do you think?

What do you think about these discount wedding dresses at What is your favorite wedding dress? Do you typically spend a lot on a winter wedding dress? Do you have any tips on a winter wedding look? Share your ideas in the comments!

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Your Must-have Fashion Accessory - the Clutch Bags

Every time when I join a party, I somehow become obsessed with ladies clutches, and there is no exception this year. With more compact size than handbags, clutch is perfect to carry some necessities, easy to throw in a bag, and what is more, trendy to polish up outfits for various occasions. If you are sold on trendy accessories to finish off your look, scroll down to check out a few of our favorite clutch bags this season from



Timeless Clutches Bags

Clutches are not a new fashion, but their popularity has been always timeless. This style of tote clutch is classic, chic and sleek, making them perfect for sparkling ensembles. In addition, this season, they also come in many interesting prints and colors, perfect for adding pop to an edgier look. Carrying a mini clutch bag is undoubtly easier than lugging a oversized bag around. It can easily go with your formal evening ensemble to create a really dazzling effect as well as upgrade your own type in an incredible fashion.


clutch bags

Trendy Clutches Bags Online

Ranging in color from black, gold and grey, to bold shades of purple, red, blue and animal prints, there are numerous fantastic design and types of clutch bags online this season. These clutches are unquestionably the favorite add-ons for most ladies of all ages. Whether you are dressing up to spotlight in a formal party, hit the latest hot restaurant or you just need a simple carry-all to take to work, a clutch can effortlessly be the perfect bag for either situation. They are incredibly chic and versatile.


DM prom outfits

How to Wear Clutches?

However, the mini size of these bags can also be a problem if you have to carry much everything in your purse. Despite this, for a party with your friends at this holiday season, clutch would be a great edgy accessory. If you choose your prom dress in a dark hue, it will be great to match a contrasting color clutch which can provide a pop of color and a little bit of glitter. However, when in doubt, try to put together the same tone into your look! As that said, shades of the same neutral will always look interesting and trendy.


What Do You Think?

How do you feel about clutches from Would you wear one of these bags? How would you wear it? Make sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!


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The Best 4 of 2012 Fashion Trends

While we say goodbye to 2011, it is the perfect time to reflect, to dream and to make a resolution for 2012. Last year, we have donned all manner of fabrics, patterns, colors as well as styles for fashion. But what were the most essential and what will have impact for 2012 fashion. Without further ado, scroll down to view them all.




2011 was absolutely the year of the sparkles. Whether it is sequins, beads or other dazzling material, spakles are everywhere in a great range of hue, shape and size. Cocktail dresses were covered in intricate sparkles, winter formal dresses dazzled from head to toe, shoes and accessories were all connected with bling bling element. Undeniably, to celebrate this time of year, there is nothing better than rocking sparkly pieces. When in doubt, you would better to keep it simple. As sparkly piece can often be more than enough to make a statement and long way it will shine on in 2012.




Boots, dresses and even accessories, prints was one of the hottest trend in 2011. While some people think it was kinda tacky, it occurred to be prevailing and overwhelming the fashion industry. While many celebrities can pull this trend off, we find it is brilliant to translate the pattern into real life. Of course, leopard print is considered as the most neutral and easy print to work with.



With any fashion risk, it is important to feel good about the way you look and let your confidence shine through!



Red Tone Prom Dresses

One of the hottest trends on the red carpet last year was red tones. Grammy, Oscar, Emmys Awards as well as a slew of occasions, glamour red tone dresses were from every corner. Sandra Bullock rocked down Oscar red carpet by a red prom dress while a plenty of stars like Kate Willslet and Angelina Julie have also been spotted rocking this trend. Almost through the whole year, red dresses work best when they are mixed with dark tones such as black. Since reds are already specific shade, itself is able to make a statement and have an impact.




Whether you are wearing it on your top, prom dresses, or elsewhere, one thing is for sure, lace is not just for your underwear anymore! For 2011, the delicate stretch lace has been revamped or rather reverted to a more stylish lace that is sturdier and trendy. While white lace is always great to give off a classy yet innocent look, black lace dress can be a bit much for certain occasions.


What do you think?

Did you skip any of the above trend? What do you think of 2012 fashion trends? Whatever your thoughts, let me know in the comments. We always love your input!

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