5 DressilyMe Helpful Tips for Shopping on Cyber Monday

How was your black Friday? Hopefully everyone could get great items at rock-bottom prices. If you were afraid of fighting the crowds and getting trampled to death, don't worry! Today is a good chance to grasp excellent deals on what you want from internet. Yes, it is Cyber Monday. Here at Dressilyme.com we would like to share some tips to help you make the most of your time and money.

1. Have a Plan

Before you click the "Shop Now" button, you'd better have a plan and make a list of everything you need to buy. Figure out below questions:

  • Do I need this item or just because it is a great deal?

  • Is this item I really have to have?

  • Will I use or wear it?

This way can help you to avoid blind shopping impulse.

2. Hunt for the Biggest Discounts

It is shopping season. Discounts are sure to be everywhere. So you can get a sneak peek at stores that provide goods at biggest discounts. That way is helpful for you to find items for half off or more.

3. Find Online Store That Offers Free Shipping

Shopping on Cyber Monday means that we are able to get extra service than it was at any other time. Free shipping is, however, a common promotion to attract shoppers to buy. Once you purchase goods from other nation, free shipping can really save a lot or at least reduce your budget.

4. Look for Buy One Get One Free Promotion

Buy One Get One Free enables shoppers to get two items with only paying price of one. And the second item can be a nice gift for someone else. But do remember to check the final price of the purchase before you buy, confirm that the cost of the item is actually the lowest price available.

5. Buy Items From Reputable Shops

Before you make a purchase, check the review centre of the store or verify it from other review websites else.

A great variety of promotions can be directly found at DressilyMe.com to get biggest savings during shopping season, such as Up to 50% Off hot selling party dresses and Up to 50% hot wedding dresses. In addition, there are a ton of free shipping wedding dresses and prom dresses you can find at DressilyMe.com to save your budget.

What do you think?

Do you shop on Cyber Monday? If so, what are your great shopping tips? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know your ideas.

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Dazzling Outfit ideas - 3 DressilyMe Sequined Dresses

If you are one of a girl who chases for trendy looks to the holiday season, you can not miss the up to date fashion in proms: the sequined dresses. Whether you are attending a party or dancing in the club, there is no better way more than sequins to add sparkle in your look. Read on for 3 Dressilyme outfit ideas and tips of sequined dresses.

Sequined Little Black Dress

This sequined little black dress is cool and chic. The v-neck and sheath cutting are elegant, so the dress does not look like a tacky costume, however, looks like an intricate work of art. Accessorizing with a gold sequin clutch and simple stud earrings is a perfect way to add even more luxe to this fabulous outfit, while the a pair of black heels lengthen your legs without detracting from the look.

Pink Sheath Sequined Prom Dress

This look is sure to be eye-catching and light up the dance floor. The bateau neckline and sheath shape can work perfect on most body type. With a neutral blazer and classic shoes, the pink sequined dress takes center stage. It is not necessary to add more jewelry, since the dress makes up a majority of the outfits. Just take a sleek black clutch to keep the look balanced.

V-neck Sequined Dress

This prom dress is neutral and classic with the v-neck in the front and spaghetti straps on the back. Add a sequined accessory like earrings, a bag, or shoes if you look forward more festive flair to your look.It could also create an unexpected effect when pairing with tights. A pair black shoes play off the black accents in the dress, and the tights can make your legs look long.

Tips for Wearing Sequined Dress

When wearing a sequined dress, it is better to keep your jewelry simple. A bag or simple earrings is enough to make a stylish impact. Besides, do not be afraid to try a pop of color in your outfit. Last but not least is to keep your ensemble balance, do not put much sparkling elements to avoid lairy look. Without a doubt, there is great variety of sequined dresses on the market. Just check more from DressilyMe.com for creating dazzling looks.

What do you think?

Would you wear sequined dresses? Which outfits would you wear? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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Winter Wedding Fashion: Would You Wear Romantic Bridal Dress?

Winter is so quickly approaching that it is another peak season for people to tie the knot. Depending on various states or areas brides live, sense of cold weather might mean various things. However, one for sure is that warm romantic theme wedding apparel are the hottest options in this cold season. Scroll on down to check out our ideas for romantic wedding dresses for this winter.

Warm Color Hue Ruffled Wedding Dress

This look is romantic and perfect for brides who love trendy wedding dresses and luxe materials. The apricot warm color hue totally can light up the wedding and make the bride extraordinary. The standout point in this look is the ruffle details of the dress in dramatically effect especially on the coldest days of the year. It is quite simple to get this look completed. You can start by choosing pretty glittering earrings and a exquisite necklace on the top. For finishing touch, add a pair of chic wedding shoes!

Winter White Mermaid Wedding Apparel

If you fall around slim type and prefer simple and elegant style, look no further than this mermaid wedding dresses. We know, white hue is the most favorite color to every bride. This white bridal dress can show off the bride's curve in a ultra feminine way. The organza fabric, the applique details on the waist and mermaid skirt are all sophisticated. Add a pair of basic wedding shoes and some sparkling wedding jewelry. Finally, put on a classic and romantic wedding veil, and you are ready to let every guest gasp out loud.

A-line Lace Bridal Gown

Fabric is essential to consider when wearing winter white. As my last post about "Fabulous Find of the Season Lace Wedding Dresses", lace is typical romantic this season. This look is probably every bride would wear. The A-line type with lace details on the top is unexpected and certainly make bride eye-catching on the wedding. Pick out a petticoat if you are pursuit of a more luxuriant effect and finish with a pair of pumps.

Except for the above looks, there are sure many other romantic wedding apparels on the market. You may also browse online such as Dressilyme.com for a ton of options. It can be a good chance for you to come across many fabulous styles at rock bottom prices.

Would you wear any of these looks? What is your favorite winter wedding dress? Let us know with a comment!

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3 DressilyMe Tips to Help You Own Your Personal Style for Prom Dresses

Fashion is always an expression of one's individuality. From head to toe, from daily wear to prom dresses, fashion trends are diverse. While we are living in today's fast-paced world which makes it easy to keep following the up-to-date trend, it is essential to understand your personal style first. In this short article, DressilyMe here would like to share some tips for you to know what style is about and how to define.

1. Determine Your Figure

Body shape has crucial influence when choosing dresses. That is why big size women would always put efforts on losing weight. Learning to dress for your body type can be a very smart way on developing your personal style. Take party dress as an example, if you are pear shape oriented, you must try to avoid sheath and mermaid silhouette. Instead, choosing ball gown or A-line prom dress will make your look fabulous, at the same time, hiding all the flaws. To a contrary, if you have sharp curves from shoulder to hem, strapless sheath dresses typically add you more glams. Long legs and tiny waist? Mini party dress can not be wrong. The most important of this point actually is to let you embrace your body and learn to stay positive.

2. Identify Your Own Colors

In order to find out what style you belong to, you need to understand your hair, skin as well as eye colors. This is to let you know whether you are suitable for the very color fashion. For example, light color prom dresses can basically go with darker skin for a better effect. Additionally, it is wise to identify what colors you feel you look best in. By using these colors as a guide, you will be able to pick out the right piece effortlessly.

3. Keep Mind Open with Fashion Inspiration

The modern world gives us abundance of accesses to get touch with fashion pulse. It is interesting to keep up with everything new and fresh. Whether by following celebrity styles, browsing fashion blogs, or reading Vogue magazine, or even saving photos on your PC, you are able to touch a sense for which outfit you like and which dress suits you best. Just keep your mind open and keep track of your fashion inspiration before go shopping, you are sure to find surprises.

Hope you find the above tips inspiring. If not, view at Dressilyme.com which provides thousands of prom dresses for your option. It can also be custom-tailored to your own size and wish color, you are sure to find piece to show off your personal style.

How do you define your personal style? What do you do to figure out your unique style yours? Any tips you would like to share? Let us know with a comment.

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Spice Up Your Look With a Red Prom Dress for Holiday

Angelina Jolie, one of my fashion icon recently rocked down the red carpet for premiere of Bard Pitt's "Moneyball" in Tokyo. She was totally glamorous in a form-fitting red cocktail dress. From her stunning look, I seemed to get inspiration of what to wear for the approaching holiday parties. If you have not figured out your ensemble idea, read on and perhaps you will be inspired.

Red Prom Dresses Always Can Rock Down Red Carpet

When we think party outfit, we probably think about little black dress, right? It is true that LBD can not be wrong to please every taste. But from different colors of prom dresses, red is the top one in red carpet these years. Look back to Emmy Awards 2011, it was certainly a battle of red dresses. Stars such as Kate Winslet, Nina Dobrev or Kerry Washington all picked out a red gown to show their glams. We also saw Angelina wearing a sheath one-shoulder prom dress in LACMA to get wow effect. Personally, I think these dresses are elegant. Their chic feel, combined with their hair style makes them an fabulous conversation piece and stunning outfit accent.

Mix-up Hue to Go with Red Prom Dress

Another find , Angelina got a pair of nude shoes to go with the dress. It was simple and easy addition to bring out her charm. Red is a great festival and lucky color if you feel bored of the typical black hue and are looking to mix it up. Maybe now it is time to get a piece of red prom dress out for a spin. Just like Angelina, try a pair of nude shoes out instead of a plain black pair to instantly upgrade your look.

Sarkle Red Cocktail Dress is Perfect for Holiday

We know sparkle is always the number one perfect statement for holiday. A pretty short cocktail dress with a chic red hue is absolutely gorgeous for a party look. In addition, it is relatively comfortable to don this dress for a reunion with friends or family for a night long. A piece of jacket can add your ensemble edgy, meanwhile, get you out of the cold weather. No sparle enough? Go on and add just a liitle bit of glitter by wearing a pair of chic pumps or choosing some simple jewelry.

We are sure the above celebrity prom dresses must cost a lot. But we are able to get the same style dress from shops online such DressilyMe.com. It can save us a lot as well as provide us a celebs style fashion.

Do you love Angelina's red dress as much as I do? Do you get any inspiration from her look? What are your best finds? Do not forget to share your thoughts with a comment.

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Fabulous Find of the Season-Lace Wedding Dresses

Once again, it is the wedding season of year to start pulling out brides' dreamy wedding dresses and shopping for the new wedding fashion. For style or design, A-line must continue to be the most sought-after choice. But when it comes to fabric, perhaps there is no wedding fashion trend more prevailing than lace wedding dresses this year. You may ask why do brides love lace? Read on to get the reasons.

Lace Wedding Dresses Show Brides Ultra-Feminine

Basically, a lace wedding gown gives a look of exquisiteness and gracefulness towards the bride. As a trendy fabric of wedding dresses, lace represents a sense of elegance for bride and may also be sexy simultaneously. It is reminiscent of romance to one’s thoughts and tends to make you search marvelous as well. This season, many designers have been adding lace to make dresses ultra-feminine. Take Marchesa's Autumn 2012 Bridal Collection as an example, its latest ranges offered draped tulle, voluminous skirts, but delicate lace wedding dresses were leading the whole trend with an ethereal fantasy feel.

Lace Wedding Gowns with More Details

In addition, more colorful details applied on lace wedding dresses are trendy this year. Detail such as a ribbon, a belt, a horizontal or vertical line is very smooth and subtle which can instantly add a touch of refinements and elegance to your outfit. A number of these varieties are those what brides determine on for a formal and standard wedding usually. However, not all of them are the extremely identical. So when you are choosing a lace bridal gown, remember to choose a right style that can flow in harmony together using the dress, not sticking out or stiff.

Finding Wedding Accessories to Complete Your Look

Not sure how to choose a wedding veil? The alternatives are endless. You may wear different types of veils, including cage, fingertip, double layer, and mantilla styles. Just pick out one that can match your dress perfectly. In case your wedding happens in a very cold day, a piece of shawl or jacket might be in need.

One shoe can change one's lifelong happiness. So finally do not forget to complete your perfect look with a pair of wedding shoes.

Discount Lace Wedding Dresses from DressilyMe.com

It is true that lace wedding gowns are more higher priced than gowns made by other fabrics. Nonetheless, you have got chance to shop your lace bridal dress online within your budget. Online stores such as DressilyMe.com provide discount wedding dresses with high quality. You will be able to come across numerous unique styles for you to select.

How do you feel about lace wedding dresses? Is this trend your fave? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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Get Kate Middleton's Style With a One-shoulder Floor Sweeping Prom Dress

Browsing around the fashion gallery today, I was totally drawn into Kate Middleton's gorgeous silver one-shoulder prom dress. She chose this gown whilst William wore a classic tux to host a black-tie dinner in London. Both of them accessorized their outfits with a red poppy for recognizing the Remembrance Day. Read on to find more about Kate Middleton's dress and get more inspiration from her style.

Kate Middleton's One-shoulder Prom Dress

Designed by Jenny Packham, Kate's dress is exquisite with a floor length hemline and a stylish sleeve as well as a graceful belt at the waist. The silver one-shoulder prom dress is timeless Grecian evening gowns that suits Kate with ethereal draping, airy fabric and floor-sweeping as well as layers loose silhouettes are emblematic of the elegant aesthetic. Obviously, Kate has refined her signature style with the classic dress, and suitably so, as the enduring design is modest, flattering and portraying a graceful femininity.

Similar Floor-sweeping Dresses at Dressilyme.com

Tracking down some evening gowns which are likely to be most similar to Kate's silver dress, we get notice that there are one shoulder dresses of many styles, but one important key of them in common between the Duchess' elegant aesthetic and other dresses is that the they are floor-sweeping with loose silhouette. Let us take a glance at some similar dresses to help you get Kate's style for yourself.

Take this A-line one shoulder long prom dress from Dressilyme.com for example, the silver hue is just gorgeous on the brunette beauty. Besides, it is made by chiffons fabric for a pursuit of loose effect. As we know, Kate always looks as lovely in motion as she does standing still because she chooses airy chiffons and light-catching silks.

More Inspiration from Kate Middleton's Prom Dresses

Just weeks prior to the dinner, Kate wore a soft gray chiffon floor-sweeping gown to the In Kind Direct charity event. The gathered bodice featured interlaced bejeweled straps that added sparkle to the muted hue of the evening dress.

When we talk about the Duchess's aesthetic, elegance is always a must to intermix with powerful element of regality. So, there is nothing more formal and elegant than a floor-length evening gown.

More celebrity styled dresses can be viewed at Dressilyme.com at affordable prices. Do not forget to simply add a chic necklace, stud earrings or a shimmering clutch to access touches of sparkle.

Do you like Kate's style? Would you wear any of her outfits? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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Holiday Fashion Trend to Try: 4 Cute Party Dresses

It is undeniable that winter is quickly approaching. With the upcoming Christmas season full of festivities and parties, it is time to pull out of your stunning outfits. One of the most sought-after each year should be the adorable party dresses. Whether you are going out on a date with boyfriend or taking part in a get-together, you can go wrong with a cute party dress.

Here are top 4 fashion party dresses in this season.

Classic Halter Backless Mini Dress

There is nothing but sexy for this dress. It is so sexy for both the front and the back. The deep V cutting in front with gliterring beads certainly can light up your night. Whilst the backless design allows much rooms to reveal your white skin and glamour. It is perfect for a get-together party with friends. Also it allows you to wear something such as jacket or cape if you feel cold for night out. When you choose this short dress, keep in mind that it is best to stick to jewelry in similar color. For shoes, it will make your look modern if you go to a pair of red high-heal.

Deep V-cut Neckline with Pleated Bust Party Dress

OK, if you want to look girly instead of sexy. This dress is just for you. It is a perfect mix of girly and tough. The pleated bust keep the whole outfit balance to show more elegance. For its soft features, this v-neck short dress is also perfect to be a homecoming dress. Moreover, waist with beading decoration is nipped in for a flattering look on most body types.

Floral Ruffled Cocktail Dress

Florals are not just for summer anymore. This strapless dress combines 4 elements which are winter trends: ruffles, strapless, floral and mini dresses. It is a slinky and ultra form-fitting with a sweetheart neckline. This garment can definitely be donned alone if you have the confidence to pull it off. The oversize unique floral decoration typically upgrades the dress into a high couture piece. And pink option is another good choice for your party. Once you select this ruffled short dress, just wear a sky-high heels for a trend-forward look.

Short Silk-like Chiffon Sweetheart Beaded Short Dress

Want to be the queen in the party? Sparkling dress should be a must. The sequins and beads cover all the upper part of this dress effortlessly show off your charm and confidence. To avoid too much trashy shining, there is no need to wear necklace, instead, simple accessories to finish off the look.

What do you think?

More cute and hot selling party dresses can be view at dressilyme.com. No matter which dresses you choose, always keep your personal style and wear it with confidence. Which of the above dresses is your fave? How will you style your dress this holiday season? Let us know with a comment.

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Polished Wedding Dresses Inspired By Badgley Mischka Spring 2012 Collection

It is Wednesday again. We know brides-to-be are keen on scouring internet to find out inspiring wedding dresses on their favorite designer for fashion bridal looks. This time, we are talking about Badgley Mischka's Spring 2012 bridal collection. Read on to see how you can get the similar dress for yourself!

sweetheart a-line wedding dress

Stunning Sweetheart A-line Wedding Dress

From simple and elegant to dramatic and daring, Badgley Mischka's collection definitely sets the trend for spring 2012. Although the veils stay typically eye-catching, the wedding gowns are perfect for every type of bride, no matter what your style is. This gown is stunning mainly because of three elements: the glittering upper part, perfect sweetheart neckline as well as the simple but flattering A-line silhouette.

I love this sweetheart A-line wedding dress particularly because it looks fashionable but still maintain formal and elegant. The sparkling upper part is an excellent base whilst the perfect combination of A-line dress express feminine and modern vibe.

V-neck Wedding Gown

Except for deep sweetheart, plunging V-necklines cuts is the go-to necklines for this season's Badgley Mischka bridal collection. There is a ton of luxurious texture to go around. This V-neck wedding dress is dramatic especially the train. The feature luxurious sweeps of fabric touched with just the right amount of subtle detailing.

This avant-garde couture piece strutted down the runway with such a strong presence. Not only it can show the bride's confidence but also create a distinctive overwhelming atmosphere.

Sheath Lace Bridal Dress

Featured sleeves also make a swoon-worthy statement. In addition, beaded or crystal embellishment upgrades the glam factor. This piece is chic both for the sleek silhouette and structured lace element. Next is the sleeves and neckline with glittering accessories.

For brides who love lace, you will fall in love with the romantic lace wedding dress with sweetheart or strapless neckline and beaded fringe. Remember that if you choose this style, you should keep jewelry simple to avoid much gleaming and trashy.

Of course, the above pieces are just a few examples in the whole collection. However, you can find a lot more wedding gowns that are similar with this collection at Dressilyme.com. Instead of spending thousands of dollars, you may find it equally worth to pick out a hundred dollars online.

What Do You Think?

Which wedding dress of this collection is your favorite? In your opinion, which outfit would you be most likely to wear? Post a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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3 Perfect Holiday Looks Inspired by DressilyMe Quick Delivery Dresses

Thanksgiving Day is around the corner. One thing is for sure that there are a slew of parties going on this time of year. Whether you are attending a family affair or get-together with friends, it deserves you spending time to figure out a new look. Not sure what to wear to your holiday parties? Read on to find out some of perfect ideas inspired by DressilyMe prom dresses!

Girly Short Ruffle Frill Prom Dress

Girly Short Ruffle Frill Prom Dress

This look is perfect for a family dinner or a holiday party with your girlfriends. The colors is feminine and the style is adorable. As with the first look, choosing neutral colors like creams and blacks really let the fabric textures and embellishments shine through. Although this piece is intricate and impressive on its own, it will be better to add some accessories to make it more sparking. You may choose the crystal necklace or a pair of earrings to stand out. The white princess prom dress is the main focus, and the sweetheart neckline and ruffled frills also gives the same girly vibe.


Beaded Long Prom Dress

Beaded long prom dress is one of the most sought-after choices if you can wear and it is even more perfect for the holiday season. You can dress up in soft fabrics like crepe, or choose comfy cottons. You will look holiday perfect either way. The beading embellishment on neck and waist perfectly complement each other and make the silhouette super flattering. To add a little extra glittering, add a pretty clutch or colorful jewelry. One tip for pulling off this look: do not be afraid to mix and match embellished clothing and accessories, it is totally okay if you keep the colors neutral, as seen here! By choosing basic colors, you allow the sparkles to be the focus and avoid looking over-the-top.


Wear a Chic Evening Dress

Want to achieve a glamorous holiday look? Try a chic shade of color to create a beautiful, elegant ensemble. This beaded evening dress has a dramatic hemline and cutting, while the spaghetti straps is polished and demure. Some accessories add interest while a pair of high-heels will keep you eye-catching all night long. Finish this look with unique stud earrings.


DressilyMe Quick Delivery Dresses

Are you still in hurry to get your dress for the upcoming holiday? DressilyMe makes it easy by launching the "Quick Delivery Dresses" to meet your needs. By the way, big discount is also waiting for you.


What Do You Think?

So, what do you think of the looks? What do you plan on wearing for Thanksgiving party in the next few weeks? We want to hear from you! Be sure to leave a comment.

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Reviews of the Hot Satin Strapless Wedding Dress

The elegant exquisite satin charm strapless wedding dress is the hottest piece in this season. In this post, we show you different brides' unique experience on this perfect dress.


Wedding Dress Winter 2011 Trends: Would You Wear Sleeves?

Wedding dresses with sleeves are the best if you are planning your big day in winter. Although strapless wedding dresses stand the most sought-after status, gowns with sleeves are going to be trendy in this season. Were sleeves fashionable to show off the bride's beauty? To find out, read on and we will reveal a variety of chic wedding dressess offering sleeves.


Cap Sleeves Wedding Dresses

Cap sleeve wedding dress is simple and conservative creating a looming sexy attitude. A touch of lace outside of the chest looks just fresh and clean. The return of this craze can be easily found from many designers collection on the runways in this season. Whether it is empire, mermaid or A-line, it just fits wide ranges of silhouette. But be sure that you are decorated with some hair accessories and earrings so that the sense of fashion will be greatly enhanced.


Long Sleeves Wedding Gowns

Long sleeves wedding dresses do not mean to look traditional or vintage at all. Instead, it conveys female modesty in a soft and modern way. It can easily imply a highly lady-like and modest look regardless of the bodice and neckline cut. Meanwhile, it effectively brings out the impression of elegant formality. Take illusion sleeve wedding dress as an example, made from clear as well as semi-transparent fabric, this style at Dressilyme.com are really wonderful and stylish. It is hard to forget the royal wedding of William and Kate in this year. The stunning wedding dress of Kate Middleton is definitely a shinning point. Embellished with sequins, lace overlays and beading, this style of dress makes sure to overwhelm the bridal fashion for a long time.


Wedding Dresses with Other Type of Sleeves

Three quarter sleeve wedding dress falls midway between the elbow and wrist. It matches well with every dress style. This sleeves is delicate in the shape of stylish interest as well as details of glitter glue for a new alternative to brides who wish to be chic and elegant at the same time. Besides, a lace embroidered bolero sleeve that lets you use it or remove it whenever you want. It also in this manner you could have the strapless sweetheart neckline dress you prefer. In addition, many trendy styles of wedding dresses with sleeves can be viewed at Dressilyme.com!


Do you like wedding dress with sleeves? Will you wear sleeved wedding gown in your big day? Let us know your ideas with a comment below!

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