Top Four Hottest 2013 Summer Sandals

2013 Summer Sandals

Summer is just on the horizon, and the relaxed feel of the season was on full display at the latest prom fashion. As one of a prom essential, sandals made with Stiletto heel, metallic finish and straps added a fashion-forward flair. If you're upgrading your wardrobe for the upcoming hot days, scroll on down to check the following 2013 summer sandals!


Stiletto Heel Summer Sandals

Stiletto Heel Summer Sandals

Stiletto shoes are among my favorite shoe styles for hot days, not only are they the perfect pairing of formal, but these shoes are also very trendy this season. Clear straps, heels, and platforms, stiletto heel summer sandals were spotted during many designers' fashion shows. Besides, these shoes elongate the legs, and cool designed ankle straps add so much chicness to a look.


Summer Sandals with Metallic Finish

Metallic Heel Sandals

This is probably the hottest trend of spring-summer 2013 as we found lots of fashion collections featuring metallic vibe from runway. Clearly, whether they're featuring silver foil or being decorated with metallic leaf plates and crushed crystals, these metallic finish sandals are perfect for nights out on the town this spring and summer.


Summer Sandals with Rivets

Heel Sandals With Rivet

Great news for fashionistas who love rivets: Studded Summer Sandals hit the shoes! This season posh well structured designed shoes are peep toe, and it’s possible to choose from a great variety of studded shoe styles. You can go over the top with futuristic shoe designs or opt for simpler but also very stylish items.


Suede Summer Sandals

Suede Summer Sandals

Due to the retro trend that is huge this season, the winter suede heels are making quite the comeback in fashion. If you’re not a fan of stiletto heels, stable chunky suede sandals are probably the best possible option. They’ve got a certain class and vintage chicness, not to mention they’re way more comfortable.


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What Do You Think?

Are you on the search for the perfect 2013 summer sandal? What do you think of our picks? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Spring Wedding Accessories: Bridal Shoes

Spring Bridal Shoes

Hello ladies, I’m back with more hot spring trends from our wedding accessories at DressilyMe (see posts on wedding jewelry and bridal jacket if you’ve missed them), and today, we’re talking bridal shoes! This spring, so many great shoe trends are taking center stage.

Most of the shoes I picked are high heels because, as wedding ceremony footwear, they can easily make your figure look longer, slimmer and glamorous to any type of wedding dress. It's something really helpful for short brides who would like to obtain a few more inches in height. So here are some of my favorite wedding shoes of the season.


Colored Wedding Shoes

Red Stiletto Heel Pumps

Black Wedding shoes

If you've been following style blogs, you know that colored wedding shoes are HOT this year. Of course, there are many shades of red. If your wedding happens to be by the beach or it's a romantic valentine's theme, for example, red wedding shoes are most recommended. But you will have to settle upon one and follow it throughout the entire attire and decoration. While for a fairytale wedding, pink and black is a great combination.


White Wedding Heels

White Bridal High Heels

White Peep Toe Wedding High Heels

A pair of white wedding heels is always elegant, sophisticated, in short, it is always the right one to finish a bridal look. I love the simple style so much for its widely flattering and appropriate to a great variety of theme, while the peep toe shoes are more comfortable for the moments when feet will seem to loosen their comfort and freshness.


Bling Bling Bridal Pumps

Bling Bling Bridal Pumps

A bling-bling wedding will lose its meaning if you do not wear a pair of shoes that feature beadings or sparkle of any kind. They are a must to match the rest of the accessories like jewelry and fascinators.


Up to 50% Off Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes Sale

Kindly Remind you that the Wedding Accessories Sales are now ongoing at and will ends on March 20! Just catch time to make a good deal!


What Do You Think?

What do you think of these bridal shoes? Do you love high heels? Which style do you prefer? Let us know in the comment.

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Spring 2013 Prom Shoe Trends

Spring Shoe Trends

With the approaching of spring, it's time to embrace the warmer weather by putting away your winter boots and trying out a fabulous spring shoe trend. If you want to know how to update your prom footwear this spring, look no further than this post. Here at, we've picked out some great alternatives out there for girls who are in fear of high heels. Scroll on down and take a peek at our top 4 shoe trends for Spring 2013.


Chunky Heeled Shoes

Suede Leather Chunky Heels

Oxblood Chunky Heeled Shoes

The chunky heeled shoes are a new trend that has only just started filtering in. The style is just as comfortable as a wedge but has an added stylish edge. If you love getting more attention, choose bright shade to add a popo of color to an outfit. For example, the trendy green will look great with this season’s color.


Stiletto Heels

Stiletto Heels

Stiletto Heel Sandals

Abstract Print Stiletto Sandals

If stiletto heels are more your idea of style, try a lighter shade. Fresh orange or pink fits perfectly into the pastel trend that’s hot this spring and summer. You can even try a fun floral print, if that’s your style! It will look great with different length dresses.


Classic Wedge Evening Shoes

Wedge Evening Shoes

If high heels strike fear into your very core, the classic wedge is perfect for you. These shoes sturdy enough to walk easily, yet stylish and sophisticated enough to go with even the most formal of outfits. A simple black or nude wedge will easily fit into your dress. Pair with a classic pencil skirt for casual while pink or white dress for a night out.


Peep Toe Shoes

Peep Toe Shoes

A pair of trendy peep toe couldn’t be more elegant and these shoes in fun summer colors are right on trend this season.


What Do You Think?

What do you think of these shoe trends? Will you be wearing some new prom shoes for spring? Whice one is your favorite? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know.

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Would You Wear Studded High Heels

Studded High Heels

Love it or loathe it, studded shoes have been popular for a few seasons, but this season, they're received a modern and colorful update. From subtle, slightly metal styles to ultra-rock and roll, the studded high heels are sure to make a bold statement.

So, if you like a little edge with your footwear at the holiday party, go for the below studded heeled pumps. Whether you want a pair of shoes with just a hint of metal or something covered in studs, you’re bound to find your perfect pair.


1. Peep Toe Studded High Heels

Peep Toe Studded High Heels

As we know, studs are very trendy. And these peep toe studded high heels are a nod to classic punk styles of the past.


2. Burgundy Studded Pumps

Burgundy Studded Pumps

This style is perfect for glamour girls. They adorned with rocker rivets which are sure to add some sparkle to your wardrobe. The burgundy hue and leopard details can also turn heads.


3. Pointed Toe Studded Heels

Pointed Toe Studded Heels

If you are looking for pointed style shoes on your holiday outfit, these studded shoes can be your choice. Plus, the flattering black hue means that they'll pair well with everything from dresses to skinny jeans.


4. Peach Silk Fabrics Studded Pumps

Peach Silk Fabrics Studded Pumps

These studded pumps are comfortable shoes of height, which makes them perfect for girls don't like heels. Besides, the peach color not only adds an unexpected pop of color, but helps to modernize these rocker shoes.


5. Peep Toe Studded Heeled Sandals

Peep Toe Heeled Sandals

The chic shoes combine the pointed toe of a classic pump, the modern design of a sky high heel, and the edgy straps and studs of sandals. These heels are the perfect addition to dresses in summer, but also look just as good with tights in winter.


Would You Wear Studded High heels

What do you think about studded heels? Would you wear them for their practicality? Do you think they are totally adorable for a party look? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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Would You Wear Fashionable Ankle Boots?

Statement Ankle Boots

For fashionistas, winter might provide some unique fashion challenges. One of dilemmas is to find footwear that can keep warm and make a statement. While combat and cowboy boots are generally durable and warm, they aren't particularly fashion-forward. So for today's post, we'll be talking some trendy winter footwear -statement ankle boots!


When we talk statement ankle booties, we’re referring to styles that incorporate bright colors or unique patterns – think gems, studs or cobalt blue suede. These shoes Below are our top 3 picks from These ankle boots are surprisingly easy to integrate into your wardrobe!


Black Ankle Boots with Rivets

Black Ankle Boots with Rivets

These ankle boots are absolutely perfect for fall and winter. The spool heeled is perfect for crisp weather before snow begins to fall, and rivets brighten up any cold-weather look. These shoes are the perfect way to add a pop of interest to any ensemble.


Cobalt Blue Suede Ankle Boots

Cobalt Blue Suede Ankle Boots

These eye-catching winter ankle booties are the perfect blend of chic style and bold design. The cobalt blue color can effortlessly brighten up your dark winter outfit. In addition, they are great if you're attending any formal events.


Ankle Boots with Gems

Ankle Boots with Gems

If you’re looking for a pair that will last for seasons to come, you can’t go wrong by investing in this ankle boots. The high quality on these shoes will get you a higher rise, extreme easy to incorporate into any outfit. The extra fashionable touch? Of course is the gems embellishment.


What Do You Think?

Xmas Holiday Gift Ideas

Will you be wearing a pair of statement ankle boots? Do you love the above picks? What's your favorite style? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know.

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