5 Interesting Facts You Probably Don't Know about Wedding

Here at DressilyMe.com, we know that wedding plan is a labor of love, but it can get a little hectic sometimes. With the approaching of the big day, there must be tons of things on your mind: wedding dress, wedding theme, the banquet and gifts to the guest!

Well, while you need a breather, just have a look at the below interesting wedding facts you probably didn't know.


Five Interesting Wedding Facts

1. Over 2 million wedding dresses in demand in USA each year


Do you know that there are over 2 million wedding dresses in demand in the United States each year? Mostly the brides would purchase a brand-new while part of brides would wear a rental dress.


2. Approximately 1 in 6 couples who are engaged or married met online

Social Network

This could be unbelievable in twenty years ago. Who can foresee the power of social network right now? And even, there are some couples who propose and exchange their vows via Facebook or Twitter.


3. Most couples will spend about a year and a half on planning their wedding

Wedding Plan

At least this amount of time will allow you to change any of the plan or procrastinate.


4. Summer and September are the most popular wedding months

Summer Wedding Party

Although spring is season of love, summer happens to have two of the most popular wedding months: June and September. This is why you can save money if you book your wedding dress and venues at a different time of year. Vendors are willing to give discounts during their slower times of year.


5. The average number of guests at a wedding ceremony was 138

Wedding Guests

In 2011, the average number of guests at a wedding ceremony was 138. This is definitely not an intimate gathering, but it’s also not completely over the top. Imagine having to plan for 1,900 guests, which was the number in attendance at the royal wedding of William and Kate.


What Do You Think?

How do you think of these wedding facts? Are you also looking for a wedding dress? Hopefully you'll be eased on your wedding plan and share with us if you have any other thing interesting.

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Spring Wedding Accessories: Bridal Jackets or Shawls to Make You More Stylish

Wedding Jacket

Jackets and shawls aren't just for keeping warm, in bridal fashion, they're one of the easiest ways to show off your style for the winter or spring wedding. This season, there are many trends when it comes to bridal jackets, shawls and boleros. We've broken them down into the top four most popular and most stylish. Keep reading to find out if you're looking for the current trend.


Chic Off-the-shoulder Bridal Jackets

Off-the-shoulder Bridal Jacket

Off-the-shoulder is the number one trend in bridal jacket this season. If your dress is in strapless neckline, it's easy to find a piece that works for you. Different materials also make things more chic and interesting. From Lace to applique and everything in between! Make sure to find one that goes with the neckline.


High Collar Wedding Wraps

High Collar Wedding Wrap

The ultra high collar wedding wrap is a great alternative to high collar wedding dress, making it perfect for the gorgeous springtime weddings. Also, these wraps can effortlessly be mixed and matched with many necklines, from strapless to a deep V.


Bridal Boleros with Ruffles and Girly Details

Bridal Bolero with Ruffles

Boleros can be very basic and classic, but this season they are ultra polished with some feminine details. From ruffles to adornments, the basic bridal bolero got a serious upgrade in fashion. If you want to add a bolero, be warned that you might need to choose a dress with sweetheart or strapless neckline and fitted bodice.


Up to 40% Off Wedding Shawls & Jackets

Wedding Shawls Jackets Sale

The Wedding Accessories Sales are now ongoing at DressilyMe.com! Just make a click to save up to 40% Off various series trendy Wedding Shawls & Jackets.


What Do You Think?

What do you think of the wedding jackets for spring? Are you obsessed with any type of jacket? Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment to let me know.

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Would You Wear a Bridal Hair Fascinator for the Big Day

Bridal Fascinator

Wedding fashion comes and goes, but we can't help thinking that hair fascinators are here to stay. Being fascinating and reminiscent of fancy 20' weddings with elegant brides and beautiful dresses, they are a bold, bright way to liven up your bridal look for the big day. Here are a few cute bridal hair fascinators we found at DressilyMe.com, just read on and check them out.


Birdcage Hair Fascinator

Birdcage Hair Fascinator

This beautiful hair fascinator features a birdcage veil, satin, feather & Austrian diamonds. It’s so elegant and beautiful and it works very well with a simple, streamlined wedding dress. It’s great for themed or traditional weddings and looks lovely with any hair color.


Silk & Tulle & Feathers Fascinator

Silk Tulle Feathers Fascinator

This hair fascinator is very dramatic and perfect for a vintage style wedding. It works well against dark hair and simpler, softer wedding dresses. Created from raw silk, and feathers, this fascinator features gorgeous tulle petals, contrasting feathers and matching wrist flower.


Tulle Bowknot Hair Fascinator

Tulle Bowknot Hair Fascinator

This girly fascinator is perfect for a princess style wedding and is made from tulle with manmade diamonds. It features a bold and big knot that contrasts well with the delicate layers. It's perfect for short hair but looks lovely with any hair color.


Flower Shaped Fascinator

Flower Shaped Fascinator

This elegant fascinator features a row of flowers decorated with Austrian diamonds and pearls. It’s absolutely perfect for a themed wedding and works well with any silhouette dress, especially if the dress features flower accents.


Blossom Bridal Fascinator

Blossom Bridal Fascinator

This bridal headpiece features a birdcage and a manmade flower blossom with feathers. It's perfect for a luxurious themed wedding.


What Do You Think?

Would you wear a hair Fascinator for your big day? Which style above is your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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What Color Should Mother of the Bride Dress Be?


Here at DressilyMe.com, we've received many inquiries asking help for choosing a perfect mother of the bride dress. And one of the frequently asked questions is "What Color Should Be?" Well ladies, have no fear because DressilyMe is here to help! Below we've picked out some mostly wear colors to give you some ideas when choosing a mother of the bride dress. Read on!


Mostly A's - Sapphire Mother of the Bride Dress

Sapphire Mother of the Bride Dress

For mother of the bride or groom, the wedding day will involve a lot of work such as reception and photographing, so dressing the appropriate hue will help motivate your through it all. It's perfect to wear a color in the wedding palette, but not the same as the bridesmaids. This sapphire MOB dress will start off on the right foot. Choose some jewelry to add more elegant touches to the ensemble!


Mostly B's - Emerald Mother of Bride Dress

Emerald Mother of Bride Dress

The emerald mother of the bride dress would be perfect for a garden or destination wedding. The simple and soft color gives off a comfortable and fresh vibe. Add some earrings and necklace and you're ready to be a fashion-forward mom.


Mostly C's - Neutral Black Mother of Bride Dress

Black Mother of Bride Dress

Black is classic, yet it also brings in elements relevant to formal occasions. This black MOB dress evokes simple elegance and perfect to add a fashion-inspired touch. The half sleeves of the dress reflect the sophistication of timeless style.


Mostly D's - Bold Purple Mother of Bride Dress

Purple Mother of Bride Dress

Who says MOB dresses have to be dark and neutral? This bright purple dress will stand out amongst the sea of white and pink on the wedding. When it comes to feature lace or sequins, it becomes polished and perfect if you don't have lots of time to get ready for jewelry. The lace with beadings provides an effortless and timeless base to the look.


Mostly E's - Red Mother of Bride Dress

Red Mother of Bride Dress

The red hue dress is bold and allows the mom feel ambitious and inspired to reach her goals. The festive color brightens the day while the bateau neckline gives off a vintage vibe.


Mother of the Brides Dresses On Sale

Mother of the Brides Dresses On Sale

For giving love to your Mom, DressilyMe offers big discount for mother of the brides dresses. You may find elegant gowns from only US$64.58 which is super budget-friendly.


What Do You Think?

Which color do you like for your mom's dress? Will you choose a same color as the bridesmaids or a shade that appears nowhere else in the wedding? Let us know in the comment.

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4 Must-Have Accessories for Winter Wedding Look

Winter Wedding

Coming to the end of November, weather is getting colder and colder, which means it's time to update your wardrobe for chilly days. For those of us who love fashion, this time of year is extremely exciting! Because there are a ton of fashion accessories that can make our look fresh, at the same time, keep us warm. While for bridal fashion, there is no exception. A pair of gloves can not only warm up but also add some classic vibe. Here at DressilyMe.com, we've narrowed it down to our top 4 must-have accessories for winter wedding look. Read on to check them out below!


1. Faux Fur Bridal Shawls

Faux Fur Bridal Shawls

Faux fur jackets are always flattering this season and are the perfect way to add some glamour to any wedding dress. I love wedding shawl because whether you need to take it off at the ceremony or put on them for wedding photography, it's super easy and comfortable. Pick up a a faux fur shawl or wrap to accessorize your look for a hint of glam.


2. Wedding Gloves

Wedding Gloves

Gloves are definitely a must-have item in winter. For this year, wedding gloves are not only warm, but also elegant and chic. Whether you are looking for a elbow length or lace wrist length, there are hundreds of different styles and colors for you to choose, so feel free to experiment with patterns and textures to create a look that fits your style.


3. Wedding Petticoats

Wedding Petticoats

Wedding petticoats are another trend that just isn't going away. These fabulous crinolines manage to offer a puffier bottom for your wedding look. Generally, they are seasonless to wear in every possible style. Layered petticoats can be fun, while lace and tulle pieces are feminine and girly.


4. Leggings


Leggings are long underwear that you can wear under your jeans or dress. They work especially well under your favorite fitted style wedding dress, like sheath or mermaid dresses will help keep you toasty. Try ankle-length leggings that are great choices for wedding in colder months.


What Do You Think?

Which accessories are you looking forward to wearing for winter wedding? How do you stay warm and stylish in your winter wedding? Let us know with your comments!

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