Short Fashion Wigs for Your Summer Fresh Look

short summer fashion wigs

Hot summer is coming. Do you want to make up yourself more fresh look? Besides the cool outfit is important, the hairstyle is also important. Sometimes, we want to have beautiful long hair. Sometimes, we want to have a simple short hairstyle. However, there is no denying that summer is the suitable season to have a cool short hairstyle. And short hairstyles will make you feel relaxing and energetic in the hot summer. And if you are loath to part with your long hair or you are worried that your hair is too short to make any hairstyles in summer, but if you still want to have a short hairstyle, don’t be worried. Dressilyme carefully picks some short fashion wigs for your summer fresh look.

Medium Length Straight Bob Style

Medium Length Straight Bob Style

Bob hairstyle is still in the fashion trend. Many people who are in different age are crazy at this hairstyle because of the variety of the hairstyle. Different length of the bob hairstyles leave different impression on us. However, in my opinion, this kind of Medium Length Straight Bob Style looks feminine and graceful.

Short Curly Fashion Wig

Short Curly Hand Tied Full Lace 100% Human Hair wig

Curly hair is different from straight hair. It has different structures. And curly hair will make you appear more cool and energetic. I like this short curly wig because it looks natural.

Short Straight Fashion Wig

Short Straight Hand Tied Full Lace 100% Human Hair wig

If your hair is too short to change hairstyles, you can choose this kind of short fashion wig. And the natural straight hair makes you look more fresh in this summer. And you can easily carry on it and it doesn't take much time to style it.

Graceful Short Straight Wig

Graceful Short Straight Hand Tied Full Lace 100% Human Hair Fashion Wig

This short straight wig is very graceful and has a perfect side. And it is a good choice for girls who want their hair shorter than their shoulders.

What Do You Think?

fashion wigs

These fashion wigs are 100% human hair wigs which can give you variety hairstyle inspirations. How do you like these short fashion wigs? Which one is your perfect short fashion hairstyle? Remember to let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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Hot Picks for 2013 Spring Fashion Wigs

2013 Spring Fashion Wigs

Here at, we must say we're looking forward to spring for many reasons. Of course the refreshing bright dresses and we can finally wear our favorite sandals, but what I love is how spring brings renewal and rebirth. When it comes to hair trends for spring, there are so many awesome styles out there and below are just a few. Read on for our favorite picks for fashion wigs this season.


Short Curly Wig

Short Curly Wig

We love the lighter and short curly transition from bold and long. This short curly wig works well for girls who have pointed, angular facial features. If you have a slim and long face, a short bob can add width to your face. Long hair can drag down your face, so opting for a shorter hairstyle especially with bangs can bring the focus back to the best features on your face!


Undone Style Wavy Long Wig

Undone Style Wavy Long Wig

I always take note of what I’ve read in some hair blogs, especially for focus on celebrities or looks in runway shows. And I found hair was looking undone this season? This applies perfect to wavy long wigs, especially when it comes to 100% human hair. This trend is being used more frequently by girls who want their hair to look more romantic and ethereal. It’s kind of dreamy, natural and a bit free.


Multiple Layered Long Wig

Multiple Layered Long Wig

In this season, I feel like some people tend to refer to textured, curly hair as multiple layered and I’m growing fond of the look Rock N Roll multiple layered long wigs. Although you may feel they sound harder, edgier. What do you think?


Side Parted Straight Wig

Side Parted Straight Wig

At the 2013 runway, the models worked the catwalk with hair parted side straight. But it wasn’t just any part made with a simple tail comb. This side parted straight wig is the kind of part that makes the eyes look alluring and seductive. No doubt a great night out look!


What Do You Think?

Human Hair Wigs

What are your favorite hairstyles? How do you think of our top picks for fashion wigs? In my opinion, no matter which one you choose, each of these hairstyles shows personality. Remember to let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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Holiday Classic Hairstyles: 4 Wigs to Try This Christmas

Free Shipping Wigs for Holiday

Christmas season is a fantastic time to try out a classic hairstyle, with so many events to go, there are a great variety of opportunities to create a new look that'll be sure to win wow factor. To give you some inspiration, we've collected 4 fabulous classic hairstyle wigs. Read on to check them out!


1. Hollywood Wave

Hollywood Wave

Wear a old Hollywood hairstyle is perfect to add a romantic and elegant touch to any holiday ensemble. And this retro-styled wavy wig just works for any formal holiday get-togethers. As you probably know, there are tons of shades out there to choose from. Gold color looks ultra classic and best on golden skin tones.


2. Cut Blunt Bangs

Cut Blunt Bangs

The style of cut blunt bangs is proving to be this season's hottest hairstyle among celebrities. Jessica Biel popularized this look at the UK premiere of “Total Recall.” The wig we provided is a long dark brown style with bangs. The long style also allows you to sweep the hair to the side if you're not feeling them some times. It’s pretty and bold, yet still young and fun.


3. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob

For an unexpected and bold look, an asymmetrical bob is a good choice to try in this holiday season. This short straight hair wig is totally a nice change from the long wave style that you probably wear for many years. It works best for those who want to create a bold look and perfect for a short party outfit.


4. Long Straight with Middle Part

Long Straight with Middle Part

There is nothing more classic or timeless than a long straight hairstyle. While the middle part may seem adventurous for most occasions, the long straight hair wig is the nice choice for holiday events. It can work for any face shape and adds a bit of edge to your party look.


What Do You Think?

What do you think of these free shipping wigs? Are you thinking of changing up your hairstyle this holiday season? Which style is your favorite? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know!

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Would You Wear Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

As you probably know, hair extensions are a hot new trend in fall. Typically, they can be treated just like one's natural hair such as straightened, washed and curled. While already appearing from celebrities, this new trend will soon be everywhere. But would you rock it?


Cute and Vibrant Synthetic Hair Extensions

synthetic hair extensions

Take Christina Aguilera's hairstyle as an example, she has an incredible ombre dip-dyed hair with purple hair extension. The bleach blond hair contrasted with the purple streaks looks fabulous and stylish. Of course, there are quite a lot of colors for synthetic hair extensions that are easy to create a vibrant new look. Without dying you hair, these hair extensions allow you to change your look in an instant. Each candy-colored highlighting hue is cute. They just show up vibrantly on blonde or highlighted hair, and as subtle highlights on darker hair.


Natural Human Hair Extensions

human hair extensions

Aside from synthetic material, there are also human hair extensions. Instead of being the normal chunky clip-in style, they are more natural looking and styled along with girl’s hair. One had a head full of curls and her human hair extensions were curled as well. Another had her hair in a wavy pony and her hair extensions were just as wavy and put in her updo. They are really a good way to change up your updo or pony for fall.


Will You Wear Hair Extensions this Fall?

Do you think hair extensions are a fun way to change up your look? Will you be trying some cute colored extensions? Make sure to let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Easy Costume Wigs for Halloween 2012

Costume Wigs for Halloween 2012

Halloween is just around the corner! As one of must-have item to keep in mind while dressing up for this holiday, a wig can instantly transform you from just another girl to the iconic redhead Lolita ball. Sometimes it can be hard to find something creative, but we have a wide variety of costume wig ideas for fashionistas! Read on for some great choices!


Costume Wigs for Halloween 2012

Let's face it, cosplay wigs can be so much fun and easy to wear! Some of my personal favorites are our super cute and iconic.

Costume Wigs

These costume wigs for Halloween come with the dress as well as the hood, and they come in a variety of vibrant colors. With very budget-friendly cost, they are a great deal and you can wear these wigs once again and again all year-round.


Fashion Wigs for Halloween 2012

Fashion Wigs

Wigs are really easy to pull off for Halloween and will free up time for you to concentrate on your makeup, however, for some girls who love the newest things, they would look for more creative and fashion idea such as to dress up like a model zombie. If you die for fashion like we do, fashion costume wigs are absolutely for you. Choose from pin up to super long locks which can honestly look fashion and gothic on any age.


What is Your Hairstyle for Halloween?

What are you going to wear for Halloween? Do you think the above wigs are fun and easy way to change up your look? Will you be wearing a cosplay costume wig? Make sure to leave your ideas below and let us know!

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